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When I bought an iPhone, I wanted to do lots of video tutorials and specially when you are doing app review, a quick video demo helps a lot to make it more useful for readers. I came across this cydia app call DisplayRecorder which is one of the best app I have came across which works as iPhone screen recorder as well as iPad screen recorder. It’s one good and useful app for your iPhone, if you just need to record your iPad screen. There are other ways too like using VNC but the process is lengthy and video quality won’t be up to the mark. I will share the demo video which I created using this app, but before that lets talk some of the feature of DisplayRecorder.

Display Recorder

What is Display recorder app?

As mentioned above, Display recorder is available on Cydia as a paid app and will cost $4.99. Not the cheap option, but for any geek like you and me, spending $4.99 for such useful app won’t be a big deal. You need to have a jailbroken iOS device to install this app.

Display recorder comes with many options which will make it more usable like you can record video on OpenGL format which is idle for recording Games and motion apps. You can record videos directly in .avi format or .mov format. My personal preference would be using .avi format.

You can add effects to video like Grey-scale, configure Video quality, configure frame rate and some more features which below setting page option will explain clearly.

Display screen recorder Shortcut keys:

Display recorder offers many ways which you can configure shortcut keys. You can select from many options to start and stop video recording.

This app also works with iPad and video recording is very smooth, here is a video I recorded using this iPhone/iPad video recorder app and you can see the demo here:

How to copy videos from Display recorder to your Computer?

You can always connect via USB and copy the video but this app also offers web interface and you can quickly download all the recorder videos. Here is a screenshot of web interface:


You can simply search on Cydia for Display recorder and you need to make payment using your PayPal or Amazon account. Once you downloaded and install this screen recorder app for iPhone/iPad, go to settings> Display recorder and configure the settings.


So far, this app comes out as best iPad screen recorder and specially for iPad with large screen size, it’s perfect. Though the only downside is it’s a premium app and you need to buy it from Cydia. So another reason to jailbreak your iDevice. I have been using it on my iPhone4 and it works like charm and I have been doing many videos using this app on YouTube which you can check out here. If you need a screen recorder app for your iOS device, this is indeed worth a buy. I just bought this app to review it and loved everything about this app. Though I miss that it doesn’t let you record audio and this is one such feature that I’m looking forward to have in this screen recorder app.

If you have used Display recorder, do share your views about it. If you have used any other iPad screen recorder or iPhone screen recorder app for non jailbroken device, do let us know.

SysAid's helpdesk screen

HelpDesk softwareHelpdesk software helps the employees of a company or a business organization to track the status of a problem. The various versions of this kind of software help the employees to analyze the gravity of the problems and provide the help accordingly.

In today’s world, there are generally two types of help desk software that are at work. These are cloud based software and self hosted software. Of the two the cloud based help desk software is more popular because it is more flexible and offers a number of updates. Also this can be easily accessed from almost any part of the world and are less expensive to set up. Though, for an office environment self hosted helpdesk software’s are more useful as they are cost-effective and running cost is very less, as you don’t have to pay any monthly fees and maintenance cost.

7 Top helpdesk Software in the Market:

When you search on the net for the most popular help desk software you will be guided to a large number of choices. These include:



Zendesk software is a cloud based help desk software. It can be implemented by both the small business operations as well as large companies. The good things about this help desk software are that it is easy to install, its appearance can be customized with the help of custom coding, this help desk software also features a large number of add-ons. It features a web based interface, SSL encryption, rule based ticket assignments, spam filters and analytics used to track the status of a problem. ZenDesk>



Sysaid is also a popular option among help desk software’s. This is a leading name in case of both IT Helpdesk as well as external Customer Service Desk. This software provides asset management, SLA management, relation mapper, extensive knowledge base etc. for the various business operations. < Check out Sysaid>


Hesk uses PHP coding and is the best suited for those companies that are on a tight budget. This software is available in both self hosted version as well as remotely hosted version. While the self-hosted version can be availed for free, the remotely hosted version is available at $19.95 on a per month basis. <Hesk Homepage>

Kayoko Support Suite:

This help desk software is now known as Kayoko fusion. This is a self hosted help desk software. This has been preferred by the companies because the Kayoko fusion features user friendly interface and the price is also affordable. In case you have a large company then you can think of also purchasing the add-ons. This help desk software uses PHP coding and contains features like email management, automated ticket response and live chat. Kayoke>

Help Desk Pilot:

Help desk pilot

This Helpdesk software is also a self hosted software that uses PHP coding. The pricing of this help-desk software is quite flexible and can be adjusted to suit the needs of both the small companies as well as the medium companies. The price of the standard packages start at $399.95 and offer features like multilingual support, RSS feeds and automated email response. <Check out Helpdesk Pilot>


Available as a cloud based solution as well as a self hosted download. But if you are using the self hosted version then you are required to install a web server like Apache besides installing Perl (if your machine runs on Linux) or MySQL (if your machine runs on Windows). In case of the cloud based version you need not worry about any of these extra installations. PerlDesk>

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus:


This is a popular help desk software for the large business operations that do not have any problem in spending a large amount of money. What sets this software apart from the other help desk software is its ability to monitor the satisfaction of the clients and customers. <ManageEngine Homepage>

These popular helpdesk software would help to tackle the problems and the queries of the ever increasing client and customer base to whom your business caters. These would even reduce the overall time of answering the questions and solving the problems of the customers and the clients.

Do, let us know which helpdesk software you prefer using in your organization? Cloud based of self hosted? What all factors do you consider while shopping for help-desk software? Features, Price, Support and what else?

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Run Windows 7 On iPad

If you have been an iPad user and using Windows on your desktop, I’m sure at times you miss running windows on your iPad. There are many app which will let you access your Windows desktop from iPad like Teamviewer, VNC and so on. Though, how about using an app which will let you run Windows 7 on iPad. Today, we will look into Onlive desktop app for iPad, which offer cloud based desktop on your iPad. This app is free and Standard features are also free but you might like to opt for plus account which offers some out of the box features like Adobe flash, Dropbox access, Web mail attachment and enhanced speed (100 MBPS).

How to use Onlive iOS app to Run Windows 7:

The process is very simple and all you need to do is download Onlive app from App store (iPad only) and sign up for a free Onlive account here. You can use their online site to upload files and it will be available on your iPad under Onlive app.

With free account you get 2Gb of free space and experience of using MS office product like Ms word, power-point and excel is smooth. The sign-up process for the OnLive Desktop free account is very and a single step process, as you have to simply provide your email address, password, and screen-name to set up your free account on their database. The actual process doesn’t even require you to confirm your identity by email address. Once you done with the sign-up process, simply head over to your downloaded OnLive Desktop application on your iPad, and enter details in the app to connect with servers.

Windows 7 On iPad

OnLive provides a service to iOS iPad users that provide a Window 7 machine streaming loaded with Microsoft Office components, and Internet Explorer installed with flash browser support, moreover, the overall service works on the cloud. You don’t even need to set up any kind of options and network to make it possible on your device. Users simply have to download the OnLive Desktop app from the App Store available for iPad devices, and then can head over to the OnLive Desktop free account to use the Windows 7 and Microsoft Office streaming machine on their iPad devices.

Once you are successfully able to enter in OnLive system, then you would be able to open and create different Microsoft Office documents on your iPad, even it allows you to save your files on their cloud. OnLive provides 2GB-free disk space to save your data on their cloud system.

Edit0r: At the time of trying it on my iPad, I was getting error saying “Network Test failed Error: 1009″. Anyhow, we will try again and update the hands on review soon. For now, you can check out review by Siliconfilter here.

The idea of running Windows 7 on iPad is not bad and specially native Windows user will love it but this app lacks many feature like integration with Windows Skydrive account, which will make it out of the box. But, for starter it’s good to see this app and I’m sure many of you might find it useful. How’s your experience with Online iPad app so far?

This is a guest post by Hamza from FreakGeeks. If you would like to write for CallingAllgeeks, check our guest posting guidelines.


Pick&ZipBeing a Facebook addict, I always try to find some awesome app which I can use along to improve my Facebook experience. Daniel from Pick&Zip, tipped us about this useful Facebook downloader web app, which let us download Facebook photos and Facebook albums with few clicks. Best part about this awesome free Facebook album downloader app is, it work over Web and you don’t need to install any addon or software to download albums or photos.

Here I’m also sharing a useful guide, which will help you to understand how you can use PicknZip to download pictures from your Facebook profile and from your Friends profile.

Pick & Zip Features:

Before, we move ahead, lets look into some of the features, which are worth mentioning:

  • Download tagged photos
  • Download Facebook Albums (Friends)
  • Download Facebook Photos (Friends)
  • Download Fan pages album and photos
  • Download in .Zip and .Pdf format.

For me, this much feature is good enough to get started with this app and a clean and neat interface is like icing on the cake.

How to use Pick&Zip to download Facebook Photos ?

Well, honestly once you go to Pick&Zip site, and logged in with your Facebook profile (Facebook login), you might not need any more explanation. But, for newbie and for non technical people, this guide will help you to get started. Go to Pick&Zip site and login using your Facebook profile. On the left hand side, you will see an option of selecting a friend and once you have selected a friend, you can select tagged pictures, albums and download all of them at one go.

Download Facebook Photos

 Selected photos, will be highlighted in green and once you have done selecting all photos, click on Download at the top navbar. Here you will get two options to download these photos, either in .Zip format or in .pdf format. I prefer .Zip format.

Also, you can click on Download after selecting a friend and click on Download all photos from that person profile. This will include all the photos uploaded by that Facebook friend of yours and all the photos they are tagged in.

Download All Facebook Photos

Well, I believe that was easy. Similarly, you can download Facebook albums with one click. Simply go to album section and select any album and in hover, it will give a download button. Notice the below screenshot:

Download Facebook Albums

Another interesting feature, which I liked at Pick&Zip is it also let you download photos from fan pages which you liked on Facebook. And if you are big celebrity or Car fan, you can simply select that fan page from this app and download all photos and albums uploaded by that fan page.

I find this Facebook downloader Web app useful and worth mentioning here. Do you know, similar app or software which let you download all photos and album of a Facebook friend?

Xbox Live confirmed for Windows 8

It’s a revelry time for Gamers and online social animals. Microsoft recently confirmed the news of introducing its Xbox Live service platform on it’s all new Windows 8 operating system. With many strides into bringing bliss to the users of Windows 8 through its innovative user interface, it has made sure the gamers are not left recluse to the computing world. It is a big step by Microsoft in order to foresee Windows running across multiple devices.

Xbox Live confirmed for Windows 8

The company has disclosed few details about the integration as of now. However, the Windows 8 Consumer Preview includes Xbox Live Hub which allows a good amount of the original Xbox Live’s features to get a feel for. The preview allows users to see their friends list, control avatar settings and notice recently played games apart from the Video, Music, and Xbox Companion Apps. Certain games that are pre-installed in the Preview can be retrieved to the main Xbox Live application using the integration facility provided.

The Xbox Companion App allows a user to explore entertainment media files from Xbox Live account on Windows 8 and play the file on TV through the Xbox360. In addition to playing, the application provides detailed description on the file being viewed or other movies, TV shows, games and music.

The Xbox Live service is widely used with over 35 countries and has nearly 35 million subscribers. “It’s a huge opportunity for you as developers,” explained Ben-Menahem, the Microsoft program manager in March, 2011. He divulged the plans to get the developers aboard soon in the process of creating a fascinating incontestable realm of gaming through the Xbox Live-Windows8 integration. He was quoted as saying that the participation of developers would be free of charge once it opens up its developer side to design new games and apps.

The integration seems to bolster the strength of number of “computing-gamers” across the world by making it possible for the users to play games and socialize on their computers and not getting back to switch on their consoles. The flexibility to use multiple devices while retaining one’s gaming avatar is surely set to woo the gamers. Xbox Live on Windows 8 will now help a gamer to retain his gaming community and play with them irrespective of the device he operates from. Hence, a user now will be free to leave a game midway on his console and resume it after a while on his tablet while on the go.

Although, many users seem to be upbeat about this step by Microsoft, there are groups of people who do not see the best happening with this integration. Some people doubt the ability to play a game, say racing games, on the screen of a touch-screen PC using the touch function. Such inhibitions can force one to compromise on ones’ favourite game or on the device-multiplicity benefit of this integration. Another group of people fear that the user interface and comfortability that Microsoft has been dwelling on for years seems to be changing to social-ability, as it senses the future markets getting obsessed with social networking. However, it remains to be seen how the markets react to the myriad changes in Windows 8 and the integration with Xbox Live.

Jawed is a freelance writer and blogger from India. He blogs at Earning Hours.If you would like to write for CallingAllgeeks, check our guest posting guidelines.

Watch Indian TV Shows Online

I’m one of those people who love to do most of the things online, that includes paying my bills, watch indian TV shows and, Watch movies and so on. I have a Airtel Digital TV connection, but honestly I hardly spend 1-2 hr in a week on T.V. I’m not sure if it’s a good habit that all my digital entertainment needs shifted to Internet (YouTube, Hulu, Letmewatchthis) kind of channel, from earlier traditional Cable Tv and now Digital TV. Anyhow, I’m sure all of you, who works online, like to do most of the thing online and here is good news for Indian users who stay in india & even for those who stays outside India (NRI), now you can watch Indian Tv shows online on YouTube.

I’m not talking about those pirated or unauthorized upload, but an official shows page from YouTube, where you can find over 19,000 full episodes of Indian TV shows. Interesting fact is, this shows are not only limited to Hindi shows, but you can watch different Indian Tv shows in other languages (Tamil, Telugu, Bengali,Gujrati & Punjabi).

Watch Indian TV Shows Online

Watch Indian TV Online on Youtube

Some of the famous Indian TV serials like (Balika Vadhu, Bade Acche lagte ho, Ramayan, CID), you can watch complete episode online. Though, most of these episodes were already there but by the individual channel created by respective broadcaster, such as MTV, Colors, SEtIndia and so on.

Links to Watch Indian TV Shows Online on Youtube:

For your reference, I’m also adding links to Individual channels on Youtube, from Sony and other popular publishers, which you can subscribe to and get notification, as soon as they upload latest TV episodes.

Here is direct link to shows page, where you can find listing of all Indian serials and you can watch Indian TV shows by streaming them on Youtube.

For watching shows in regional languages, head over to this page and find your favorite show. Well, it seems like a great initiative but it will be more fun, when we can actually stream all the TV shows at the same time when it goes live on traditional TV. May be, many people like me and who stays online, might not mind paying little subscription fees for the same.

Anyhow, with the evolution of Youtube and online streaming media in last few years in India, I don’t think it will take time before we see Youtube offering subscription based channel for Indian Television. In case, if you are planning to watch CID online, or Balika vadhu online, don’t forget to upgrade your broadband plan to a higher bandwidth package, as only dilemma for Indian broadband users is FUP. (Fair usage policy).

Do let us know, if you like this idea of putting all Indian TV shows on one page (Similar as Indian movies page on Youtube). Will you be shifting to Youtube from traditional TV or will stick to it?

Gmail Rapportive

RapportiveRelationships are one thing which is beyond time and money.  They are of valuable importance for personal and professional sphere in life. In, fact in business relationships can make or break the success of it. It is valuable for all kind of businesses whether it is a conventional or online business, building rapport with clients is important for all.
So Rapportive is the solution for you.

If you are a Gmail user, then this FREE software called Rapportive enhances the relationship management feature of the email service provided by Google.  It is like an add-on service.

What is this Rapportive?

Once this add-on is installed on your Gmail, it will display all the public information of the email sender on the right panel of your inbox. To view the information about other recipients of the email received by you, just hover the mouse on their names. The information will be displayed in a bar which will include:

  • Image and the location of the person.
  • Professional Information of the person retrieved from LinkedIn.
  • If the person is added in your Google+, his circle classification will be displayed.
  • All the social network profiles of the person will be displayed, from there only you can connect with him.
  • His contacts information. His phone call details, so that you can place a call from Google chat itself.
  • Your recent conversation with the person. Like fast mail send by him, last chat you had with him.
  • His LinkedIn profile details, you can connect with him from there only.
  • Facebook profile Updates

Rapportive was in existence since January 2010. With Gmail it can also be installed on self hosted Google Apps Mail. It is compatible with all browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Its interface is user-friendly and built-in for Mac mail plane users. For others browsers like Opera many work around are available to use all the Rapportive features. In order to use Rapportive on Opera, use this handy bookmarklet.

How does Rapportive works

Rapportive servers inquire about the information of your contacts on its own. In the browser it automatically locates the emails being used, and sends the information about them to their servers, where further process takes place. Then the information gathered is returned back and displayed in your Gmail inbox.

Gmail Rapportive

One important thing needs to be assured here, is that none of your email is being stored anywhere on Rapportive servers. Also that Rappor-tive does not have any access to your Gmail password. Content of the email is not being transferred, it’s only the recipients of that email whose information is being used.

Rapportive is like any other add on which can be easily installed on your Gmail, which provides you with your own Rapportive profile. Here you can keep your professional and personal profiles separate with an option to merge the both together.

Many other unique services integrated in it, which can be used via raplets. It is like a mini application which is used to enhance the usability of the Rappor-tive.

Many famous vendors like Mailchimp, Aweber, Klout, Github, Brightpearl, Mixcloud, BatchBook, Crunchbase, Bantam Live, and BookingBug have build different raplets which are available to use along Rapportive. One of such famous one is created by Tungle.me, which helps you to schedule meetings with your Gmail users. This acts as a big time saver for you.

I hope this rapportive review will help you to integrate one of the best free CRM tools for your Gmail account. If you use any other tools, do let us know. I would also suggest you to check out WiseStamp, which is another useful addon for serious Email users, to add social media links as signature.

This is a guest post by Jenny from Marina Del Rey Toyota. If you would like to guest post at CallingAllgeeks, check our guest posting guidelines.


Typad iPad caseiPad is an amazing and probably one of the must have gadget for every one. Of all the tablets which I have seen in recent days, no one is as good as iPad. There are some amazing tablets from Samsung but again Apple’s iPad is truely amazing. There are many third party accessories for iPad is available in the market and we will look into one of such product call : Typad iPad case.

In my view touch screen can never really replace a qwerty keyboard, and can not provide the ease of typing and speed like a keyboard. Here is an amazing gadget which will enhance your iPad experience by giving it the power of Qwerty.

I have seen many cases in the market and specially those Chinese iPad cases, which are really useless as they give bad typing experience. Recently, I came across tyPad and found it to be a professionally designed new iPad case.

tyPad: New iPad Case

tyPad is a super sleek leatherette case with a built-in Bluetooth wireless keyboard, which can easily be integrated with an iPad to facilitate faster typing.

The stylish lightweight case facilitates convenient carriage of iPad and is designed in a way that the iPad can be slided in and out easily. The keyboard is connected to the iPad via bluetooth, so there are no messy cords. Its convenient and must have accessory for iPad.

Their iPad case is optimized for iPad 2 and New iPad, and you can utilize the front camera for video calls.

tyPad Product Features:

  • Portable and easy to carry along
  • A complete storage and protective case for new iPad
  • Help in protecting screen and body of iPad
  • Bluetooth Wireless technology Enabled case
  • Can be use as stand for movie viewing
  • Keyboard is smooth and easy to type
  • Protective silicon surface


• Measures: 9.75″ x 8″ x 1.25″
• Continual Use Time: 90 hours
• Charging Time: 4-4.5 hours
• Rechargeable Battery
• Warranty: 90 days
• Approval/Certificates: FCC, CE, BQB, ROHS

Buy tyPad.

There are many other cases in the market  but tyPad is one of the first few company who came up with specific product for iPad and it’s worth a buy.

This is a guest post by Namit Gupta who blogs at TheiTechblog. If you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, read: CallingallGeeks guest posting guidelines.

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Create Facebook AccountIn the present world, internet is an important part of our lives, be it a normal guy or a geek. It’s literally impossible for some to live without internet connectivity. The most used services on the internet are Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, Yahoo, MSN and few more. Having an e-mail account has become something important too, even though the idea of sending an e-mail is somewhat lazy. The latest growing phenomenon on the internet, after Search, is Social Networking.

The ability to stay connected with friends all around the world without having to actually see them or even move from your chair. It’s intriguing and it has caused a revolution since the day it was launched. Now, obviously every one wants to have a Facebook account as it’s hip and cool. The question ‘Are you on Facebook?‘ is asked every time someone meets someone new. So to make things easier for a newbie, here’s a complete and easy to follow tutorial to create Facebook account.

Step by step guide to create Facebook account

Signing Up for a New Facebook Account

The steps are simple and all you’d require is an existing e-mail id, internet connection, basic knowledge of internet and access to a computer.

  • Open a Browser and direct yourself to www.facebook.com
  • Now, you’ll be able to see a Sign Up form and a Sign Up button in green. It’s simple from here.

  • Provide the required information and click on Sign Up.  You may be asked to enter two words just for security purpose.
  • That’s it. You just created a Facebook account for yourself. Don’t forget to provide a valid e-mail address so that Facebook can send you a confirmation mail.
  • Open your e-mail account and then confirm Facebook verification e-mail by clicking on the confirmation link that you just received from Facebook.

That’s the first part. Now, all that’s remaining is adding and inviting friends, creating your Facebook Profile that has information about you and uploading your first profile picture. This is how you actually get started with Facebook.

Creating Your Facebook Profile and Adding/Inviting Friends

You can add or invite friends by selecting your existing e-mail contacts or by performing a manual search of your friends.

Creating your Facebook profile is also real easy, everything is laid out in a very easy to understand way so that you can complete the whole thing in no time.

Adding a profile picture can be very helpful for all your friends to find you and it’s real simple to add one too.

You can upload one from your computer or you can use your webcam to take one and upload it instantly. It’s that simple. Next part is to add more friends that you know, publish updates, edit your profile, take care of Privacy and sharing options and you’re done. Home is where you’ll find the latest things that you’re friends have been doing and you can go to Account to edit your profile and adjust Privacy settings.

I’m sure 900+ million Facebook user won’t disappoint you and more over, try finding all your high school and college buddies on Facebook.

If you need any specific tutorial related to Facebook, do let me know via comment. I hope this tutorial helped you to create Facebook account without any hassle. If you enjoyed this tutorial, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Hope you found this tutorial real simple to follow and have successfully created your Facebook account. Have fun networking with your friends and family wherever you are with Facebook.


Prevention is always better than cure and same goes with backup. We all know it’s always a great idea to do a timely backup of your data. Despite of online storage it’s always a good idea to take a backup of everything in a portable hard drive.

Getting back to the topic, in Windows we have an option call system restore which can be used when your system is infected by virus or getting corrupted. You can always go back in time and restore your system to previous healthy days.

System Restore in Windows 7

Here is a quick tutorial which will let you enable System Restore in Windows 7. Right click on my computer and click on properties. Under properties, click on Advanced system properties (left sidebar) and select system protection.

advanced-sysetm-settings system-restore


From here, you can select the drive where you wish to enable system restore. In this example, I’m enabling system restore option for my Drive F: which is currently off.

Select the drive, click on configure and select the option as shown in below image. You can give the increase or decrease the size of restore, as per your need.

System Restore in Windows 7

Though I suggest enable system restore option for your OS installation drive and for others drive (Data drives), use portable device to take backup.

Do let us know if you have enabled system restore option on your Windows 7 OS or not? Do you take timely backup of your system or not?

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