Own a Samsung Galaxy S II? Get Asphalt 6 for Free

Own a Samsung Galaxy S II? Get Asphalt 6 for Free

Here’s some racing news for the owners of Samsung Galaxy S II. If you currently own one or are on the verge of buying one, then it’s the perfect time, as you can get your racing skills mastered with the Asphalt 6 game.

Asphalt is one of those games that has been around from a long time and has been evolving ever since. The latest version is Asphalt 6 and it has pretty slick graphics and hardware requirements. So, if you’ve been trying to run it on your puny Android phone, you must have noticed the game running real slow. Don’t worry, nothings wrong with the game, it’s your phone.

Samsung likes to give it’s customers certain gifts and freebies from time to time, you know, to keep the sales going. This time, they have begun distributing free copies of the sensation race driver Asphalt 6. Unfortunately, this is only available for the Galaxy S II owners, so if you don’t have one, you can’t race. Well, you can, you just have to pay for it or search Google for a cracked version.

Anyways, Asphalt 6 can now be downloaded from Samsung Apps for free and exclusively for Samsung Galaxy S II. The game is great, and will work super awesome on the amazing display of S II. So, if you happen to own one, it’s time that you went to Samsung Apps and download and try it for yourself. Make sure you have a fast internet connection/Wi-Fi, since the game is 550mb in size and could take some time to download. Install and enjoy.

Also, this a WCG 2011  special edition, so you’ll also get to drive a Samsung WCG 2011 car along with all the other features that are available in the paid version.

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy S II? Well, if you do, have you tried this? 

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  • Sandhu September 12, 2011, 10:26 am

    Yeah. i downloar asphalt 6 yesterday. man, its an awesome game. Rich graphics not even a single lag in the game. smooth gameplay. its take full advantage of the gpu.However, its drains battery like a aeroplane consump fuel. my battery drain just in 1 and 40 minutes from 100% to empty

  • Droidsid September 12, 2011, 8:20 pm

    That’s bad!! Battery backup is an issue with Android.

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