Overwhelming Atomic Web Browser for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Atomic Web Browser is a great alternative to iPhone’s native browser and Mobile Safari. Atomic Web Browser is loaded with lots of useful features which will surely be a fun to use for you. Even with so many features Atomic Web browser is very user-friendly and compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Atomic Browser

Atomic Web Browser is available for free as well for paid in $0.99. Here are the Download links for Paid and Free Atomic Web Browser:

I guess there is no harm in using free Atomic Web browser also because it is providing so many features but if you want more features you can go ahead with paid one also, it totally depends on individual requirements.

Here are the few important features of free version of Atomic Web Browser:

  • Tabs: You can select desktop style tabs or list view. If there are more tabs open, it will convert into slider. So just slide and enjoy.
  • Full Screen Mode: You can use entire screen to display, without tool bars.
  • Adjust Font: You can easily adjust fonts size.
  • Customize color: You can also change the color of address bar and tools
  • Private Mode: Helps you to delete history and cookies and don’t save them while browsing.
  • Bookmarks: You can translate a web page and manage bookmarks in folders.
  • Go social: Share links easily on Facebook and twitter.
  • Block images: Allows you to band the large images on web page to save bandwidth.
  • Search Engine Plugins: You can easily add and edit search engines settings.

Getting so many features in a free web browser for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is really good. I really like the tab feature and full screen browsing. It is perfect desktop-like browser for iPhone.

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Do share your insight for Atomic Web browser and also let us know which one is your favorite browser of iPhone?

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