MSI Afterburner Overclocks GPU from Android Phone

MSI Afterburner Overclocks GPU from Android Phone

I know as a child you’d always wanted to overclock things around you, and by things I mean your CPU, GPU, mobile phone etc. You were probably amazed by all those shiny computers running 2 graphic cards and some kind of liquid cooling systems. Yeah, that was the case with me too. Now, it’s like not anything great when you say you’ve overclocked your CPU or phone, it’s not so difficult. To make things simpler, MSI has released an Android App after their Afterburner OC software for desktop, that enables you to use your Android device to overclock your computer.

Now when I say computer, I don’t entirely mean your whole computer. Since this is still not available for download, I cannot tell you that it won’t fry your hardware or even start. On the other the Afterburner Software was originally made by MSI to overclock their Graphic Cards. Hence, this app for Android will only let you tweak, improve performance or put your GPU on fire. But, it is a handy tool for when you think your GPU isn’t running Crysis 2 at full settings, tweak it wirelessly from your Android device.

The Afterburner app for Android devices from MSI works over an active Wi-Fi connection and lets you tweak and monitor different settings such as fan speed, voltage, temperature etc. You can also, obviously, use it for overvoltaging your GPU and give it some more juice and hope that it don’t catch fire. This is also quite handy for all those geeks who want to monitor their GPU performance and usage while playing a game, in real time to learn where your graphics card is going wrong or isn’t performing as you expected.

At the time of announcement of this app, at Computex 2011, MSI mentioned that GPU support will be expanded to other vendors as well and an iOS version of the same is on it’s way. You’ll also need to have the Afterburner software installed on your PC for this to work. We will update you when the Afterburner App will be available in the Android Market so you can finally overclock that GPU of yours to it’s full potential or demise.

Are you an overclocking enthusiast? Do let us know what you think about this app.

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