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Osama 2011: Now an Internet Game

Osama 2011: Now an Internet Game

Osama Bin Laden’s death, well killing, has become a huge internet phenomenon. It’s been trending now since May 1st, when it actually happened. We’ve all heard of how the Al Qaeda leader was tracked down and then killed by a team of US Navy SEAL Team 6 and a dog. We were told that the body has been cremated in the Islamic fashion at Sea, but we were never shown the body of the man wanted for about 15 years and nor were we shown how he was found and killed.

Osama 2011 Game

There is now an alternative however, not a very realistic one, but something from the pages of interactive gaming. Thanks to some game developers over at Kuma Games, you can now play the Osama 2011 game and kill the mass murderer as part of the Kuma Wars II chapters. The online multi-player Osama 2011 game is based on the Abbottabad Compound killing of Osama Bin Laden.

The Osama game has been developed using the Valve 2 engine, but don’t expect any eye candy graphics as this game was prepared in such a short period of time. Osama 2011 is the 107th Chapter to the Kuma Wars II game and is multi-player only. The game is really very easy to play.. there are two teams, one the US Navy SEAL Team 6 and the other, guards for Osama Bin Laden.

You can either be a part of the US Navy SEAL Team 6 and then attack Osama’s secret Abbottabad compound, or you can be the men who will try to defend Osama and attack back. That’s it, pretty simple game that is surely going to be a huge internet hit, either that or the developers will be attacked by aides of Osama Bin Laden.

Osama 2011 Death of Osama

The point is that you get to experience one of the greatest event in the history of mankind, I guess, and be a part of it even though it’s just a game. Osama 2011 is a free game, and it also involves few more information such as recovering Osama’s body and gathering intel on Al Qaeda.

Download Osama 2011 here. It’s a direct installer and doesn’t require you to do much, but beware of ads.

Let us know if you’re ready to take on Al Qaeda and kill Osama Bin Laden playing this multi-player game!

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