Opera Mini Fails Acid Test on iPhone

Most of us have heard of the widely popular Acid3 test used to rate browsers. The acid test score is synonymous with a browser’s capabilities. The recently released Opera Mini, notably, failed the Acid3 Test while the native Safari browser reported success.

For those of you who have never heard of this test before, Acid3 is a test page from the Web Standards Project that checks how well a web browser follows certain selected elements from web standards, especially relating to the Document Object Model (DOM) and JavaScript. When successful, the Acid3 test displays a gradually increasing percentage counter with colored rectangles in the background. The percentage displayed is based on the number of subtests passed.

As you can clearly notice in the screenshots, the Opera Mini failed at 97/100 when I ran the test on my iPhone. Other developers have reported further low scores. Score aside, what’s to be made note of is that the browser failed the test when it came to proper rendering of the webpage.

Opera fans argue to that statement of mine saying that Opera is not meant to be a fully featured browser and it’s just meant to deliver a faster page load. I absolutely despise this opinion. If we need a faster and lighter web solution that’s what Mobile themes are for. Most pages out there have an alternative mobile version for themselves. Come on guys, we expect a browser to render a page, and render it well. Not to much to ask from a browser, is it?

An Apple fan will never “make-do” with a product, never!

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