Now “Like” Tweets with “Like My Tweets” Application

Love the “Like” feature of Facebook? Would you like the same feature on Twitter? Now you can make other like your tweets. I came across a cool application which allows you and others to like Tweets. It’s free, cool, easy and it’s “Like My Tweets”.


Check out how it works:

  • Go to Like My Tweets. Allow the access.


  • Now get the Like My Tweets Button.


  • You can change the button settings if you want.


  • Once done, whenever you will tweet you will get a “Like” button with your tweet. Like this:


[ Tweet Deck ]


[ Web ]

Now anyone can like your Tweet by clicking on the link. You also get a DM whenever anyone likes your Tweet, you can change the setting if you don’t want to receive DMs.

And if you want to remove the “Like” button from your tweet, you can simply go to settings of your Twitter Profile, then Connections and click on “Revoke Access” and you are done.


So now no more boring and old way to retweet, try out the new way of sharing and liking tweets.

2 thoughts on “Now “Like” Tweets with “Like My Tweets” Application

  1. I heard first time about this application.Surely I’ll give a try.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi,
    Well, I have first time heard about the application. It looks interesting.

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