Nokia World: Nokia C7 and Nokia C6-01 Unveiled

Another big news alongside the launch of E7 at the Nokia World event today, Nokia also listened to the Symbian following of its smartphone series and launched C7 and C6-01 smartphones which are Symbian operating system enabled by default.

Nokia-C7 c6-01

Again, both of these devices, like the E7 business series smartphone will be available by the fourth quarter of 2010 and pack quite impressive features. WCDMA band radio, quad-band GSM radio, Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth, 8 megapixel camera with flash and 720p HD video recording, FM radio, and micro-SD card slot are just a few features to name. The C7 features a 3.5 inch multi touchscreen whereas the C6-01 packs a little less in its 3.2 inch multitouch screen. Both smartphones have AMOLED displays giving exceptional viewing quality (even in bright sunlight). The C6-01 also has FM transmitter and front-facing camera for video calling. However, the deal maker for both the C7 and C6-01 is the Symbian^3 operating system on which both these devices operate.

The price tags for both the C7 and C6-01 are €335 and €260 respectively. See below for a detailed data sheet for both smartphones:

Nokia_C7_data_sheet Nokia_C6-01_data_sheet

It is still disappointing that Nokia is releasing new smartphones with the same old Symbian software which is outdated compared to all the iOS and Android devices that are already in the market.

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