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Nokia Running on Android OS Leaked

Nokia Running on Android OS Leaked

Looks like Nokia loves to be part of the everyday hot news, and continues to get better day by day. Its been less than a week before Nokia launched their new MeeGo smartphone Nokia N9, followed by the first Nokia Windows Phone “Sea Ray”. And now Nokia is in the news again thanks to a leaked picture of a Nokia phone running on a third kind of an OS, Android.

Nokia Android pic

Well that’s what the leaked images say, with the phone, which looks similar to the N9 or “Sea Ray”, running on the latest version of Android Gingerbread OS. The images are not a fake and its not a screenshot or a picture displayed on the phone.

Nokia Android

The Nokia N9 smartphone runs on MeeGo v1.2, which is a Linux based operating system, might not actually find it that difficult to run the Android OS. Hence, this leak might as well be of the Nokia N9 running Android OS and not a new Nokia device. There were rumors initially when Nokia partnered with the PC giant Microsoft, about a possibility to also shift to Android, since most of the phone manufacturers which have been producing Windows phones, have an Android smartphones too. And also for the fact that Android has been gaining tremendous popularity, there was always a hint of temptation for Nokia to change over to Android.

The rumors were later dismissed by Nokia themselves and confirmed to stick on with Windows platform for their upcoming mobile phones. But who knows, maybe we will get to see an Android Nokia phone in the coming years, especially after watching these leaked pictures. It could also be one of those adamant developers who wants to run all kinds of OS on a MeeGo device trying to show the world how open source it all is.

So do you think Nokia will bring out an Android smartphone?

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  • amit sharma June 25, 2011, 2:36 am

    I think Nokia will not join Android. As they are already getting a huge amount of money from Microsoft for not opting the Android OS and keep sticking to WP..:)

  • Himanshu June 26, 2011, 7:33 pm

    its will better for them to have android os phones. it will boost up sales for sure.

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