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Nokia N8 Hands on Review: CallingAllGeeks

Nokia N8 Hands on Review: CallingAllGeeks

It’s been a month we have been playing with Nokia N8 in our headquarter and no doubt this phone has everything which Nokia is boasting about. Now let me be honest with my review and lets go step by step review of Nokia N8 You can grab Nokia n8 official specification from official site.

Now instead of getting into normal review, let’s focus on some out of the box features of Nokia N8.

HDMI compatibility:


This is the first thing which I would like to talk about. Using HDMI capabilities of Nokia N8, you can play your fav. videos on a TV through HDMI cable from your Nokia N8. Connecting your TV and Nokia N8 doesn’t take more than 10 seconds and you will have your Nokia screen output on your TV.


This is one useful feature which you would be using if you have a HD LCD TV with HDMI input. Overall Viewing experience is excellent.

USB charging:

This is not  new feature but this is one of those must have feature which I always want my phone to have. Apart from traditional charging, you can also charge Nokia N8 using USB cable. So no more running for mobile charging while you travelling. As a user this is very useful, while travelling you can take advantage of it’s 12 MP camera and multi-media capabilities and later on you can charge your Nokia N8 from any laptop or desktop.

12 MP camera:

This is one of the most talked feature of Nokia N8 and this one deserve a mention. No doubt Nokia N8 12 MP camera is out of the box. We have spent one evening to try out Nokia N8 camera quality and its’ excellent. Though while clicking pictures in dark (landscape) you need to play with settings to click nice shots.One particular notable thing in Nokia N8 12 MP camera is it’s digital Zoom which is worth a mention.

USB on the go

While talking about some of the out of box Nokia N8 features and how can we miss Nokia N8 USB on the go feature. This particular feature will let you connect your USB peripherals like Pen drive, flash drive directly to your Nokia n8. Using this feature, you can access all your multimedia item from your pen drive into your Nokia N8 and you can watch movies, listen to songs without actually copying them into your Nokia N8. This feature is a life saver for serious traveler as they will have unlimited storage in the form of USB to go feature.

There are other few notable features of Nokia N8 and one of them is design which is so far one of the best I have seen. Nokia N8 have anodised aluminium body and you would hardly notice and scratches and marks after dropping your phone. Nokia n8 comes with BL-4D 1200 mAh battery which has a good battery life and this is something which you need while using its 12MP camera. I have spent one complete evening clicking pictures with Nokia N8 and surprisingly after 4 hours of extensive use, I was left with 2  battery bars.

Pros and cons:

As I mentioned above Nokia N8 is equipped with something which you always wanted in your Nokia device and if you are an existing Nokia N8 user, you have all the reasons to get your hands on Nokia n8. When we compare price and it’s feature, it’s a win win situation for consumer.

One thing which is good and bad from a user experience is Nokia N8 doesn’t allow you to take off your battery, so no more battery exchange. This is good feature as backside of your Nokia phone is now accident resistant and unlike other Nokia devices, you can drop your phone without worrying about collecting parts of your phone.

Coming from an iPhone user, I would not rate Nokia N8 much because of it’s Emailing and typing experience, though when phone was tested by one of my friend who was using Nokia device, he instantly loved this phone.

Overall if you are looking forward to buy a Nokia N8, it’s a good phone and also value for the money. After Nokia N95 this is one phone which grabbed my attention (Nokia N series).

Though I would love to know your feedback and views about Nokia N8. Are you planning to buy Nokia N8?

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  • Binoy @Compixels.com December 1, 2010, 12:54 pm

    Without doubt Nokia N8 is the best with such hardware features on board. But the Symbian 3 OS disappointed me. Hope they revive it soon.

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