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Nokia Drop : Send Images From Desktop to Nokia Phone

Nokia Drop : Send Images From Desktop to Nokia Phone

There are times when you come across something interesting when browsing the internet, that you’d like to transfer to your phone. It mostly is an image that you think will look good as your wallpaper or a link on some kind of alien activity that you’d like read later using your phone. Developers at Nokia’s Beta Labs thought about this and have come out with a very useful application known as Nokia Drop. Yes, this is only available for Nokia phones, hence the name Nokia Drop, and no you don’t require any kind of online storage account or even Wi-Fi or 3G connection to use this amazing application.

Nokia Drop

Nokia Drop is purely experimental at present, but seems to work well on supported Nokia mobile phones that run on S60 5th Edition and Symbian^3. This application uses your existing Ovi Store account and sends Push notifications to your Nokia phone via regular data connection as a file/link. You can even select images from your desktop and send them to your phone, as to the normal way of sending images from browsers. Of course, the browser in talk also requires an extension to make this happen. Current supported browsers include the Firefox 3.6.x/4 and Chrome (latest stable release). Watch the video after the break for a demonstration;

Nokia Drop Beta app lets you:

  • Share photos/links from your Desktop browser with the help of extension and a simple right click maneuver
  • Send images from your computer to your phone via data connection, no Wi-Fi or 3G required
  • Let’s you set as wallpaper the image that you are viewing on your browser
  • Keep a track all the images and links shared to your mobile phone

You can download this application and also the browser extensions from Nokia Beta Labs. The list of supported devices include X6-00, 5228, 5230, 5235 Ovi Music Unlimited, 5530 Exp Music, C6-00, N97, N97 mini, N8-00, C6-01, C7-00, E7-00, 5233, c5-03, 5800 (PR4+).

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