Nokia Developing a new Open source OS called Meltemi

Since Nokia’s move to abandon it’s operating system Symbian, many reports have suggested that it might shift to Windows Phone 7 or some other OS. But, Nokia recently released the latest version of Symbian called Belle, so that could only mean that they’ve not given up on it yet. However, they’re also developing their Meego OS, which could get a major update soon and may be called Meltemi.

According to WSJ, Nokia is currently developing a new open source operating system called Meltemi for it’s devices that is based on Meego and has similar UI, but a different Linux kernel. As the report says, this OS would be mainly directed towards low end Nokia devices as the higher end phones will come with Windows Phone 7. Nokia started facing problems with their OS not being very function and advanced as Android and iOS, hence they started to fight back with Maemo. However, that attempt turned out to be not as effective as they imagined and it almost ended up in the recycle bin.

The OS that Nokia is developing is mainly focused on being super easy to use while providing all the necessary features and functions on a low-end mobile device. Nokia wants to completely get rid of the Symbian S40 and S60 operating system and will probably replace it with this new one. One would thus expect it to be as simple to use as the previous Symbian OS. Now that Intel and Samsung are helping Nokia develop Meego as well, under the name Tizen, we can expect something from it. If they succeed in making such an operating system for low end phones then the biggest competition they’ll expect would be from Android. Lot of mobile manufactures have started using the Android OS in all their basic phones since it’s free and really good.

It’s also rumored that Nokia has cut down about 3,500 jobs since the sacking of Symbian OS. There may be other reasons as well, but looks like Nokia is in some trouble right and it’d be best if they come up with whatever they’re planning soon enough. We can only wait and see what will be the ultimate result.

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