Nicki Minaj Sex Tape Exclusive, Facebook Spam

Nicki Minaj Sex Tape Exclusive, Facebook Spam

It’s been quite sometime since we reported any Facebook Spam, perhaps they’re decreasing in numbers or are they. Here’s a new Facebook Spam that’s been spreading around, and you can’t really blame yourself if you happened to be a victim of this one. The spam is related to the new Hip-Hop/R&B Superstar Nicki Minaj and has the words sex tape, so obviously one would be tempted.

Here’s what the original title of the spam says, “NlCKl MlNAJ S E X TAPE – EXCLUSIVE!!!” and it’s spreading on our dear social network rapidly. Along with the title, the description of the same is also very inviting and sounds real. This is what it reads;

Her boyfriend gave this tape to a BBC Reporter. Watch it live before it is taken down by her lawyers

There are two ways that the Nicki Minaj Sex Tape scam will affect and spread to others if you click on it or like it. The first one will take you to a fake BBC News page with a fake YouTube player picture. Clicking on play will take you through a number of online surveys, which will of course lead you nowhere. Although, it will post this spam on your wall and spread it to all your friends.

The second method is the use of a Facebook application, which will ask to Allow access and start posting the spam on your wall and to your friends. If anyone clicks on it, either one of this may happen. To stop this spam, you will have to go and delete the post from your wall and unlike it. Ask your friends to do the same and spread the word.

Beware of Facebook Spams!!

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  • Antony Pratap September 11, 2011, 12:53 pm

    That’s great to let know people what is all that about and not clicking it by mistake.

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