My3D Viewer from Hasbro Brings 3D Awesomeness to Your iPhone

My3D Viewer from Hasbro Brings 3D Awesomeness to Your iPhone

The iPhone 4 doesn’t have a 3D display, but it does have a beautiful retina display that plays videos and games really well. Imagine if the same display is used to run 3D content such as videos and games. This can be done using the Hasbro My3D Viewer that turns your iPhone/iPod Touch display into 3D. We’ve all heard of Hasbro, the toy company that started the Transformers merchandise, and now, they’ve come up with this new 3D device for iPhone so that owners can enjoy 3D.

My3D Viewer as it’s known, attaches to your iPhone/iPod Touch and simulates 3D scenes at the other end of the device, which is in the form of binoculars. All you have to do is attach your iDevice and enjoy watching some of the content that are available for purchase/download at the app store. All the apps available, there are about 5, have 3D features and work only with the device.

It also brings something known as 3D 360 to the iPhone, which when used shows you exactly where you’re looking. When you look down, it’ll show the floor and so on. But this works only with an app that is available from the App Store, known as My3D 360 Sharks. There are other apps available such as My3D Bubble Bolt, My3D Presents, My3D Sector 17, My3D Teleport L.A., My3D Tunnel Pilot, and My3D Shatterstorm.

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My3D viewer for iPhone will be available for purchase starting today at Target stores online. The price for this amazing accessory is only $34.99, if you enjoy 3D content, limited though it is. My3D Viewer is compatible with iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch(3rd and 4th gen).

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