MobileNotifier Developer Peter Hajas Hired by Apple

MobileNotifier Developer Peter Hajas Hired by Apple

Being an avid Jailbreak user, I love to customize my iPhone using all those crazy Cydia applications available in the Cydia Store. We are all aware of how much the original iOS notification system sucks, even though it’s straight to the point and simple. To completely change how the iOS notifications work, Peter Hajas, an iPhone developer gave us the MobileNotifier. Peter Hajas, it has been confirmed, is now working for Apple as an intern under iOS Apps and Framework.

Peter-Hajas and Apple

MobileNotifier truly changes the way the iOS notifications work and gives it a whole new perspective. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s way better and beautiful than how iOS notifications are. You can learn more on how to install MobileNotifier and how it works over here. Peter Hajas demoed MobileNotifier quite a long time back, and has been working on it until recently. He posted on his blog that he will be taking a break from the development on MobileNotifier and his other projects. He mentioned;

I can’t say why, but it’s worth it. Trust me. If you look around hard enough, you’ll probably figure it out. I hope you guys understand, and I look forward to bringing you more awesome, great, free open source software in the future. Stay tuned for some amazing things! If you absolutely must get in touch with me, send me an email.  Until then, stay hungry and stay foolish.

There have been many rumors since this incident stating that iOS 5 will be getting a completely revamped notification system and that Peter Hajas will be the man behind that. All these were only rumors, until now!

So how did this rumor turn into a fact? Well, all thanks to the geniuses at Redmond Pie who happen to collect some evidence regarding Peter Hajas absence from the Jailbreaking scene. According to tweet by Peter Hajas he had stated that he’s heading out to California to work for a ‘fruit’ company. We all know what the ‘fruit’ means over here.

Peter Hajas tweet

Also recently, all doubts were cleared when Redmond Pie got a screenshot that shows that Peter Hajas has indeed been working for Apple as a “iOS Apps & Frameworks” employee. But, seems like the job is not a permanent one, and he’s only working there as an intern and probably doing the iOS notifications right!!

Peter Hajas at Apple

This is not the first time that Apple is hiring a developer from the Jailbreaking community and this certainly won’t be the last. We congratulate Peter Hajas on being a part of Apple Inc. and hope that he’ll play a major role in future iOS updates and developments. Apple’s WWDC event is taking place in another two days, so we’ll know for sure what’s going to be new in iOS 5.

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