App Store Wars: A Visual Comparison of the Mobile App Stores Battlefront

App Store Wars: A Visual Comparison of the Mobile App Stores Battlefront

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As a Generation Yer, I’m often criticized along with my peers for being too involved and distracted by my smartphone.  But it seems the landscape of the smartphone market is changing dramatically, and it’s no longer just the youth that has been trading in their flip phones for the application capable mini-computers that make social networking, among many other things, so much easier.

In fact, among the steep competition in the smartphone market between top competitors, Apple, Android, and Blackberry, it’s hard to imagine a recession hit at all, with sales of smartphones increasing by a whopping 36% for Android, 26% for Apple, and 23% for Blackberry.  In fact, the masterminds at WebpageFX even discovered that the yearly revenue for apps in 2010 alone could purchase enough iPhone 4’s to stack as high as 6700 Empire State Buildings!

But to really understand the huge success surrounding the smartphone market you can reference this really great infographic which compares the different mobile app stores, especially since there is such little data out there on the Android vs. iOS battlefront.  See who has been coming out on top in the market, and they aren’t playing Jedi mind tricks on you!


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