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Minimize Clutter on Your Facebook Homepage with Minimalist for Facebook

Minimize Clutter on Your Facebook Homepage with Minimalist for Facebook

One of the most appreciatable things about Facebook is that it keeps on experimenting with its web interface and various add-ons. Because of the presence of various apps and add-ons, Facebook homepage becomes crowded making it not so attractive for users.

So recently I came across a Google Chrome extension that allows users to get rid of Facebook’s hectic and crowded user interface. The extension is called as Minimalist for Facebook and its primary function is to help Google Chrome users to get rid unwanted stuff from their Facebook homepage.

This extension is only an internet browser-based hack and any changes are just local, meaning that the changed Facebook interface will only be visible on your PC and the real interface on Facebook’s own server will remain like that.


How to Install Minimalist for Facebook?

The installing part is pretty easy, go to Chrome’s extension page and click on Install Button, extension will be downloaded and installed automatically. Once the installation is done, Minimalist for Facebook icon will show-up in the address bar. By default, the extension will perform no function till the time you customize settings by going to Options page. In-order to modify settings, click on “Options” button, to instantly activate or de-activate Minimalist for Facebook there is a “Toggle ON/OFF” button. “Panic” button is to refresh your Facebook Homepage to the latest settings.


Once you click on “Options” button, a settings page will pop-up consisting of two different panes, menus options on the left and settings on right side.  There are loads of elements that you can modify on your Facebook page. The General page consists of elements like footers, CSS and icons, changing colors and layouts can be done from Theme page.


Import & Export Minimalist for Facebook Settings

The thing that I like the most about this particular extension is the ability to either import or export settings from one particular Chrome browser to another. So if you happen to be using Google Chrome on more than one machine then you don’t have to modify the settings again and again. To import/export settings you have follow these steps:

  • Go to “Import/Export” menu on Options PageMinimalist-for-Facebook-Import/Export
  • Click on “Export” button
  • Copy the entire text you will see visible in the settings field
  • Open extension on the other machine paste that text, click “Import”

In order to give you a better idea of what this extension does, here is a comparison of Facebook hompage before and after using Minimalist for Facebook.


After applying the settings using the extension:


You can download Minimalist for Facebook Chrome extension for free from the Chrome’s extensions official page.

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