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Microsoft Office 2014 Leaked Screenshots

Microsoft Office 2014 Leaked Screenshots

While the latest version of Microsoft Office is still settling down after its release a few weeks ago, news has already started to pour in for the next version of Office. Wzor has reported that Microsoft has already started work on the development of its next version of Microsoft Office suite, the successor to the currently released Office 2010.

This version, also being called as Office 15 or Office 2014 had its first screenshots released today from a possible pre-alpha build under testing and development. The build has MSO_v15_1, MSO_v15_2 as internal name so it is safe to assume that work on the next version of Office is still at its beginning stages.

In the leaked screenshots, it is also noted that a new feature being dubbed as “Microsoft Limestone Application Integration” or simply as Microsoft Lime, detailed on which cannot be found as of this time.



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  • Sumanth Kumar August 21, 2010, 9:44 am

    hey screenshot that the taskbar of the win7 has battery in horizontal way and how to get that kind of battery icon in my task bar..plz help..

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