MegaUpload DownloadHelper: Automatically Download MegaUpload Files in Chrome

MegaUpload is an excellent file hosting website used by countless internet users to upload, store, and share files. To download files from MegaUpload for free you often have to wait a while. A countdown timer appears that indicates the amount of time you need to wait before the file can be downloaded. As you download multiple files consecutively, this waiting time for each new file increases.


You have to keep the timer in view and begin the download as soon as it is available. Otherwise if you lose your chance the timer needs to be restarted.

Here to solve this major inconvenience is a tool called “MegaUpload DownloadHelper.”


MegaUpload DownloadHelper is a browser extension for Google Chrome. Its function is to monitor the countdown timer when it appears in MegaUpload. The extension detects when the timer turns to zero; it then automatically downloads the file for you.


This way you do not need to be glued to the MegaUpload window and worry about losing your downloading chance since the download commences automatically once it is available.

The extension provides a valuable service too MegaUpload free users.

Download Megaupload DownloadHelper

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