Manage Your Expenses on iPhone with Money Smart Lite App

If you find it a problem to track and manage your daily finances when you are out or if you don’t prefer to carry your digital diary everywhere with you then you would love to know about a useful finance manager application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Money Smart Lite is an application which allows you to track and manage all your bills, expenses, accounts, budget etc. It’s an overall package which will helpful for you to categorize expenses manage multiple accounts, reminder about your bills and above all it’s a totally free application to use.

money smart

Here are few more features of Money Smart Lite are:

  • User-friendly design
  • You can categorize, email, search and take reports of your expenses
  • Helps you to manage multiple account type
  • Keep track of income, expenses and money transfer
  • Provides you statistics of your finance
  • You can choose for multiple budgets
  • Transfer money from one budget to another
  • Keep track of all kind of bills and also reminds you of bill payments
  • Password protected for security reasons

Money Smart Lite is an awesome application which keeps track of  your expenses for all kind of shopping and budgets. It is very handy, you can easily check and edit your finance status through your iPhone anytime and anywhere.

Link to Money Smart Lite application

I think it is a must have application for everyone who want to keep track of their money matters. What you think about Money Smart Lite applications?

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