Manage Gmail Interface Easily with Better Gmail [Extension]

Manage Gmail Interface Easily with Better Gmail [Extension]

Gmail and Google Chrome web browser go hand in hand. It is a common observation that Gmail runs much smoother and better on Google Chrome as compared to other web browsers. However, the Gmail experience can be further enhanced on Google Chrome by an extension called “Better Gmail”. This enhancement provides some really cool userscripts and userstyles which can be used to make Gmail a much better place. It has several features which will make your life easier e.g. hiding/showing menus, removing ads, chat features etc.

Better Gmail can be installed easily via this link and installation is pretty much standard procedure.

Once installed Better Gmail will take you directly to its option page where you can tweak several settings. We discuss them below.

Gmail Better lets you do a great deal with Gmail’s User Interface (UI). Footer and Invite friends are two most common things which most Gmail users rarely use, and these can be removed with a whim courtesy Better Gmail.

Similarly, you can move the New Window, Print all, & Create a document commands and of course Better Gmail lets you completely remove the Sponsored Links section as well.

You can similarly tweak other settings such as enabling/disabling chat, options buttons etc. with Better Gmail and once you are satisfied on what you’d like to see on your Gmail, hit the Save button on the Better Gmail options page and it will prompt you to reload Gmail. Once reloaded, Gmail will look much cleaner and easy to use than before.

Better Gmail also works with other Gmail extensions such as Folders4Gmail, HideBuzz and HTML Signatures which makes it a very good Chrome exntension to use for anyone who uses Gmail as their e-mail.

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