LG Unveils their Wireless Charging Pad

LG Unveils their Wireless Charging Pad

LG has introduced their new Wireless Charging Pad (WCP-700). Unlike other wireless charging solutions, WCP-700 uses inductive coils in the battery door to absorb the charge from the charging mat placed under it.


WCP-700 is special in that it has a number of features including audible alerts. You will feel a quick vibration and hear a distinctive tone when your devices is placed correctly on the mat. Charging is effective only when your mobile device is within 7mm of mat’s center.

There are some cool LED status indicators updates you on the charge without having to get up and check the phone by yourselves. A blue light indicates that WCP-700 is plugged in, orange light indicates that the mat is ready to charge your device, your phone is still charging if the light is a ‘flashing green’ and a solid green indicates that your mobile device has fully charged.


At 125 grams/4.4 ounces and dimensions of 0.4”H x 6.3”W x 3.5”D it isn’t too big to carry around in your bag, which makes it very portable. The only short coming of this product perhaps right now is that it can charge only on device at a time. Perhaps that will change over time with improvements on the current technology.

Official Specs:

  • Approximately two hours of charging time for standard smartphones
  • Audible and tactile feedback when phone is properly placed on pad
  • Multi Color LED indicated Charging Status
  • Dimensions : 0.4”H x 6.3”W x 3.5”D
  • Weight : 4.4 ounces

However, there’s no word on the pricing as yet or availability of inductive battery doors but we expect LG’s line up of smartphones to get inductive battery doors soon.

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