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LG Optimus Sol Leaked: Specifications and Features

LG Optimus Sol Leaked: Specifications and Features

Mobile phone leaks will never stop and the latest leaked phone comes from LG, is called the Optimus Sol. LG’s phone was previously announced on many sites and just sometime before it got leaked on a video which appeared on some German site. The video shows off the prototype of this new leaked phone and the specifications were leaked as well which would be shared in this post. The video in which LG Optimus Sol was leaked at the first place will also be shared so that means you are in for a treat. Read on for the specifications.

  • LG Optimus Sol’s most confirmed feature is that it would be coming with a 3.8 inch AMOLED touch-screen display.
  • The rear of the phone would be shining black with rounded edges.
  • LG Optimus Sol would run on Android 2.3(Gingerbread) and there is no news whether it will allow you to upgrade to the higher versions.
  • A 1Ghz processor would be available in this phone.
  • It would come with a 5 megapixels camera and maybe with a front facing camera as well.

Sadly, no other leaked specifications were there to share. According to the reports, this phone will be very much like LG Optimus Black with the required changes you can use for differentiating. Being an Android mobile phone, LG Optimus Sol would come with a great plus point. It may attract many with its glossy design but all in all, it’s just a shiny black rectangle.

This phone was first leaked one month ago when it was leaked as LG Victor with not many specifications and details offered. The launch date is of course nowhere on the internet and price is very far away to be leaked. Hopefully, the price and release date would be very soon officially announced. The video on which this phone was first leaked can be seen below.

PS. The video is in German language.

Do share your views about this leaked phone in the comments section.

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