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LG Optimus Big with 4.3 inch NOVA Display Coming Soon

LG Optimus Big with 4.3 inch NOVA Display Coming Soon

Few months ago LG announced their new smartphone – LG Optimus Black, dubbed as the thinnest smartphone ever, measuring 6mm at the thinnest and 9.2mm at the broadest point, respectively. The main feature on the phone was the hyped 4 inch NOVA display that uses 50% lesser energy than a typical LCD display with 700 nits of brightness. So far, LG hasn’t launched it and we doubt it will hit the shelves anytime soon.


Bigger is better but how much is too big? We’d like to think that a majority of smarphone users would be interesting in lugging around a oversized phone in their pockets, but we doubt it. We appreciate LG for manufacturing the ‘thinnest smart phone’ with the Optimus Big and while we love innovation we suspect that for a majority of users that might put them off from buying it and for a very simple reason – Fear of breaking your smart phone in your pocket.

If you are the type who throws your gadgets around or are a little ‘insensitive’ towards them, then this phone just might not be the one for you. But let’s not assume anything about its durability just yet. Haven’t we learnt recently that “thinner isn’t always weaker“? But we sincerely hope that LG comes out with a good product.

A South Korean website reports that LG will announce a new device called “Optimus Big” in April and it will feature the same NOVA display used in LG Optimus Black. The main addition to it would be an increased display size totaling upto 4.3 inches of screen size for that extra bragging rights and they might just launch it with some insane capability to tune into a extra-terrestrial spaceship hovering over earth. Of course all that is just wishful thinking but all we know currently is that it will feature a 1Ghz CPU, T-DMB Support and that it makes the iPhone look small!

We are interested in knowing how many of you own smart phones with 4.3 inch displays, so write to us and let us hear all about it.

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