Lapara Mini Bluetooth keyboard syncs with iOS and Android

Lapara Mini Bluetooth keyboard syncs with iOS and Android

We love the virtual keyboards provided by our favorite Smartphones and other Mobile devices but still over thumbs itch for those traditional keyboard types. The new Lapara Mini Bluetooth may be just what your fingers needed. The bluetooth keyboard is compatible will almost all maor mobile OS like the iOS, android, Windows Mobile and Symbian.

The Lapara Mini Bluetooth keyboard has come out the right time when all Smartphones are ditching the traditional keyboards and placing a virtual keyboard as a substitute. If you are a voracious texter then you will agree that texting on a physical keyboard will give error free higher typing speed. So those of you planning for the new iPhone or the iPad then this Mini Bluetooth Keyboard should be one of the many accessories in your wishlist.

Coming to the bluetooth part of the keyboard, the Lapapra Mini syncs to any device which has inbuilt Bluetooth in it. So the keyboard usage is not limited to Smartphones and it further extends to Gaming consoles too. With 60 hours of type time possible by virtue of its internal battery you can go on and on before you pack juice back again to this small wireless keyboard.

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The pricing is not mentioned yet, but it will be well within budget. The bluetooth mini keyboard will be available within a few days or may be just in time of release of the iPhone 4.

Will you prefer to buy this keyboard? Are you happy with your present virtual keyboard? Do let us know.

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