Lamebook : The Funny Side of Facebook

There are many websites that provide funny Facebook status updates, but there’s nothing better than Lamebook.

Lamebook is a website that is updated on a daily basis, with funny, hilarious, stupid, dirty and insane statuses from around the world. It’s more like the funny side of Facebook. This is not a new website, and even though Facebook has blocked this page many number of times due to obvious reasons, certain Pages are still at large in Facebook. The main theme of this website is to showcase all the ridicules in the form of funny status updates, pictures, comments and others.


You can get all kinds of funny status updates from over here that are divided in to various categories depending on what it’s all about. To avoid issues with the owner of the published content, Lamebook blurs the last names, faces and other information that may reveal private details and the person’s identity. There’s also an option to remove the content posted on the website if you happen to be the owner or a person included in the post. You can also post your own status and get famous.

lamebook screenshot

Above is an example of what kind of posts get published on this website and most of them some really funny stuff. Laughter is good, and I’m certain that Lamebook will help you laugh a lot by reading funny Facebook status updates from people around the world.

Facebook happens to strongly object the running of this website, but hasn’t yet managed to budge or even scare the people running it. The website is still running and you can be a part of the laughing squad by visiting Lamebook. They also have an iOS app for the website that lets users stay connected and receive the latest load of funny statuses and photos. It’s pretty neat, looks similar to the Facebook app and lets you share things on Facebook and on Twitter. It also lets you share your funny status or photo from your iOS device. However, the app is not free.

You can download Lamebook for iOS from the App Store for $0.99.

Enjoy your stay.

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  • Antony Pratap August 23, 2011, 10:48 am

    That was funky! Thank for sharing that website with us.

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