Kill all Running Background Apps on iOS Devices with this App

The multitasking features on the latest Apple devices helps a lot in memory management, so even if you’re running tens of apps, it’s not really bad. However, there are times when certain apps eat a lot of RAM and then your iOS device becomes sluggish. Now you don’t want a slow iPhone 4 do you?

Normally, you’d double click the Home button to reveal the multitasking bar and then close all the apps one by one, imagine if there were 37 of them. Wouldn’t it be awesome to kill all of them in a second, all the time it would save. You don’t always remember to quit all the background applications, so this app could really help you. KillBackground is a free Cydia application that works on all iOS devices and can be used to kill all the running background apps with just one touch.

To install this very useful jailbreak tweak you’ll, obviously, require a jailbroken iOS device. You can download KillBackground by directly searching on Cydia and this is a free app. You can try Advanced Task Killer on your Android device to perform the same thing.

After installation the app starts working right away, a quick Springboard restart is necessary. Now when you double tap your home button to reveal the mutlitasking bar, you’ll see a red icon with a skull to the right of the bar. Press it to kill all the running apps instantly. You could also head over to settings to change the location of that skull to the left hand side.

Do try this amazing tweak out and let us know what how useful it has been for you.

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