Jolicloud: A Speed Solution for Netbook Machines

Jolicloud: A Speed Solution for Netbook Machines

Operating systems are becoming heavier day by day. We can observe it in Windows Vista and Windows 7 and in this condition little machines such as NetBooks are affecting and these performance is becoming down i.e. these heavy operating systems are really affect the speed of PC NetBooks.


Fast OS for Small NetBooks

Jolicloud is an operating system specially created for small hardware machines such as PC NetBooks. This Operating system is designed by Tariq Krim. Jolicloud is a fast working OS for small systems and now it is supporting many applications such as Facebook,twitter,Gmail,Skype and media players such as VLC media player.Jolicloud is a quick launching OS and it works like a directory of applications. You can launch any application which is already installed in Jolicloud or you can also get 700+ free applications for this operating system. Jolicloud can also be used with your Windows OS i.e. you can install it without uninstalling your existing OS.

What we can do with Jolicloud

Jolicloud is an easy to use OS and it can be installed with Windows. It automatically creates a drive to install. You can also boot it from a USB memory. With Jolicloud you can use all important applications such as Mozilla Firefox,Google Chrome,Skype,Google Docs,Gmail,VLC Player etc. You can get many other applications on Jolicloud website for free. Jolicloud works very lightly for NetBooks and makes work easy with this type of hardware. Jolicloud also works as an emulator for many Windows applications and these application can be used with Jolicloud.

How to Install

Installation of Jolicloud is very easy. It can be installed directly with your windows XP or 7. Just download its 16mb exe file and install it like an pc application. You can also install it without your existing OS directly via  bootable USB device.

But not perfect

Though Jolicloud is in beta and we can only prefer it in emergency condition such as if our hardware acceleration is not enough for heavy operating systems or our main Os is encountering a problem. We can’t use more than one application at the same time besides it does not support all types of NetBooks till now.

Download Jolicloud

Overall it is a good approach and Jolicloud is a very useful OS for NetBooks and we hope  it will be a very powerful Operating system in future.

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  • sudip November 15, 2010, 6:23 am

    Jolicloud is a great netbook OS. But its not still in beta. Jolicloud 1.0 is already out and release of 1.1 is nearing.

  • shariq@callingallgeeks

    November 15, 2010, 12:46 pm

    It is true that Jolicloud is stable now but it is improving rapidly.

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