JailbreakMe Creator Comex Hired by Apple

JailbreakMe Creator Comex Hired by Apple

Yeah, things are happening at Apple Inc. First, Steve Jobs decides to step down as the CEO, replaced by Tim Cook and now this. Apple has been known to hire people from the jailbreaking community, so this is not that much of a surprise. Last time it was the Mobile Notifier developer Peter Hajas, who was summoned by Apple and this time it’s Comex.

Comex, the brain behind the well known jailbreaking service JailbreakMe, which was the only tool that was able to jailbreak the iPad 2, has been hired by Apple as an intern. We have no idea what it is that he’ll be pursuing at the fruit company, but it is possible that they may ask him to go against the jaibreak community and make iOS less vulnerable to jailbreak attacks. Thanks to Comex(Nicholas Allegra), there may come a time when we may not be able to jailbreak an iOS device. He mentioned about the internship, obviously, on Twitter and also mentioned that he did not expect positive comments at all.

Recently, the popular Forbes Magazine had interviewed Mr. Nicholas, and that is when he revealed that he had received a call from Apple to work as an intern at the company. It’s really an incredible opportunity to work at the worlds most valuable company and be a part of the whole Apple thing. Comex actually expected people and fellow jailbreakers to be furious that he’d be working at the company, as it kind of makes him a traitor. But, then it also means that Apple doesn’t hate jailbreakers and iPhone hackers, they just want them to stop doing it at some point. The company is going to benefit a lot with Comex around, who probably will be pointing out possible vulnerabilities in upcoming iOS versions and other software. However, we also know that iPhone developers will somehow find some way to jailbreak iOS devices, because it’s in their blood.

Do you think Comex did a right thing joining Apple? I think so. What about you? 

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  • ravi

    August 31, 2011, 3:35 pm

    I think he made the right choice, working at Apple is a rare opportunity.

  • Droidsid

    August 31, 2011, 8:51 pm

    Right you are!! :)

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