iTunes Lyrics Adder: Add Lyrics to Your Music Library on iTunes

iTunes is increasingly becoming the primary music manager and player for a large chunk of users, I personally use iTunes mainly because of the option set it offers and partly because I can manage my music collection on various devices like my iPad and iPhone.

Music lovers normally prefer lining up lyrics of songs collections they have, adding lyrics not only improve the song listening experience but it also enhances the quality of music collection.

Adding Lyrics Through ‘Get Info’ Option

Normally we add lyrics to our Music library on iTunes manually, that is through Get Info->Lyrics Tab. Once the lyrics are added, all the iDevices i.e. iPad/iPhone/iPod automatically pick lyrics from the Lyrics tab that can be accessed by right clicking on a song and clicking Get info option.


But this process is very time consuming and tiresome because you first have to search for the lyrics and then later on add them up manually to each corresponding track.

Adding Lyrics through ‘iTunes Lyrics Adder’

The application that I will be telling you about is iTunes Lyrics Adder, it is basically a minuscule application that simply automates the process of adding lyrics to songs that are added in your iTunes library. One of the prerequisite of using this application is that you should first verify tag information of your music library on iTunes.

Once you are done with the tagging, launch iTunes and then open the application. Now you have to select a source ( for lyrics and click Search & Add button with-in the application UI.

iTunes Lyrics Adder

By doing this the application will automatically detect songs that don’t have lyrics and will search for its corresponding lyrics from the selected source database.

After completion of the process, a log file will pop-up showing that for how many songs the process was unsuccessful. You can also check that whether lyrics have been added for the songs or not by opening lyrics tab.

iTunes Lyrics Adder can be downloaded for free from their official website and it works well on all the versions of Windows (XP/Vista/7). I think it is a very easy way of adding lyrics to your Music library and is a must-to-have if you use iTunes as your Music manager. Do try it out and Let us know that whether it was useful or not.

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