Is iPhone 4G Worth Purchasing ?

Apple iPhone 4G is a trending topic on internet. Lots of fake images, videos and reviews are shared about iPhone 4G. The popularity which iPhone 4G is gaining is making everyone crazy to purchase iPhone 4G.

iPhone 4G

iPhone 4G

But, what’s the reality? Is iPhone 4g is worth purchasing? If you are confused than check out the features of iPhone 4G which makes it worth buying:

  • Sleek and Attractive looks
  • OLED Screen
  • iChat Camera
  • Hi Definition CamCorder/ Camera
  • True GPS
  • Multi- Tasking
  • Memory is 32 GB and 64 GB
  • Bluetooth is 10X
  • Video playback up to 18 hours
  • Audio playback up to 48 hours
  • Embedded iTunes
  • Dual Core processor
  • High quality graphic chip

Apart from these cool features, there are few missing feature which might disappoint you:

  • Doesn’t support Adobe Flash Player
  • Only limited application installing
  • MicroSIM slot instead of old SIM slot

I guess if we avoid the missing features, Apple iPhone 4G is rocking. Its memory capacity and other features make it worth. With so many rumors around, it’s tough to tell when iPhone 4g will release? And it will be having same prototype as mentioned. Hope iPhone 4G turns out to be promising and without bugs.

What you think, is iPhone 4G is worth buying, if it is loaded with all above features?

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