ipswDownloader for Windows Now Available

Few days back we shared with you a very small and useful tool that helps you download ipsw firmware files. IPSW firmware files are very essential when you’re unlocking or jailbreaking your iPhone. ipswDownloader is the tool that helps you easily locate the ipsw files needed by you and downloads them. The tool was, as of today, was available only for Mac users, but now it’s also available for Windows users.


ipswDownloader is a very useful tool, and we already mentioned about how it works and what it does here. So incase you’re trying to get your iPhone jailbroken or unlocked and cannot seem to find the required ipsw then this tool will do that for you. You can use this application to download any ipsw firmware that you want to lay your hands on.

The Windows version of this app is however developed by a certain developer Ryan Burke and isn’t as good as the one available for Mac users. It doesn’t give you as many details as the Mac version and only tells you the size of the download, but still it’s very useful.

You can download the ipswDownloader for Windows from the link below.

Download ipswDownloader

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