iPhoneLS: iPhone Lockscreen Screensaver for Windows[Update]

I’m not really a screensaver type, but when I checked out this screensaver out I had to set it up on my system. Screensavers are actually good, they save battery or something like that and also makes you screen look good while you’re away attending nature calls. iPhoneLS is a simple yet functional screensaver for Windows and iPhone fans alike that locks your screen and gives the same Slide to unlock to unlock the screensaver.

You wouldn’t want to keep this as your screensaver if you’re one of those types who’re always working on something highly classified or downright illegal. The reason? Well, I’m pretty sure all of you know how the regular iPhone Lock screen looks. Time on the top, Slide to unlock below and the background in between. It’s the same with Windows 7, because once you activate it and the screensaver starts rolling, you’ll still be able to see what’s happening on your screen. You can’t hide that, so it’s a screensaver, but doesn’t really hide the screen or save it.

iPhone Lockscreen Screensaver

I don’t mind showing people what I’m working on, it’s almost never illegal or something that should be hidden. I really liked the iPhoneLS screensaver, mostly because it makes that unlock sound and the Slide to unlock actually works. You have to slide it to unlock the screensaver and get back to your desktop. It’s pretty simple to install too; just download the zip file, unzip and then right click on the application and point to install. Once done you can set the timing and if you’d go back to your desktop or your login screen.

Download iPhoneLS for Windows.

Also make sure you have Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework and above installed on your Windows OS. iPhone user or not, you should try this screensaver, you aren’t going to lose anything. Maybe in the future we’ll an update that will add custom backgrounds to it, which should make it nearly perfect.

Update: There’s been a slight improvement in the functions of this screensaver. The developer has now added the feature to add your own custom background making this screensaver perfect. Thanks for the update Raphael.

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  • Raphael June 28, 2011, 2:38 am

    thanks for sharing my application :),
    I made a little update with some bugfixes and new features! (you can set your own background now among other settings), more infos in the changelog.txt

    Link stays the same.


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