iPhone Mini Sim to Micro Sim Cutter Images

My last post was iPhone 4 unboxing pictures and here are images of Sim cutter which I used to convert my Airtel Mini sim into Micro sim.

In iPhone 4 you can’t use normal sim and you need to cut down Sim into Mini sim in order to insert your Simcard into iPhone.

If you have a Sim Cutter, it can be done within minute but in case if you don’t have access to Sim cutter, you might like to check out Ihackintosh post on manually cutting your Mini sim into Micro sim.

iPhone-4-Sim-Cutter (1)iPhone-4-Sim-Cutter iPhone-4-Sim-Cutter (2) iPhone-4-Sim-Cutter (3)

Well I still need to buy 1 iPhone Sim cutter which I will be ordering from EBay or Amazon.

5 thoughts on “iPhone Mini Sim to Micro Sim Cutter Images

  1. So, whose SIM cutter is this? There is a typo in first line *mages. :D

  2. This is the Sim cutter of the Seller Mayur. Thanks for letting me know about Typo.
    It’s corrected now!!

  3. I was also thinking same coz those hands are not yours except the one in 2nd image. :D

  4. I live in delhi and want to buy micro sim card cutter is there any shop?

  5. Thanks buddy. Awesome site you got here. Have some extra sites to direct to which have more stuff like this?

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