iPhone 5 Launched with iOS 6

iPhone 5 Launched with iOS 6

And as waiting for so long, finally Apple unveiled one of the most awaited iPhone 5 today (12th September). Along with iPhone 5, Apple also introduced new iOS 6 which is way faster than iPhone 5. iPhone 5 which was expected to come with new dock connected is also unveiled in the Apple live launch event.

iPhone 5 Launched

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At the event Apple team also mentioned and demonstrated new Apple maps app which als supports SIRI for voice command. iPhone 5 will have 8 MP camera along with some major improvement in video camera. Now you can record videos at 1080P HD and front camera will support 720P recording. Also Facetime will support calls via network.

At iPhone 5 Launch event, Apple also mentioned about many new features in iPhone 5. There are major improvement in Safari and it got a new feature call iCloud tabs, which will let you share your computer tabs directly to iPhone browser. With it’s API, it will also support other browser like Chrome and firefox. iPhone 5 will have better battery life and will support 4LTE.

iPhone 5 also comes with a new feature call shared photo stream, which will let you share photos with your friendly and family and they can comment on it. More like an inbuilt Social networking for your photos on iPhone.

Talking about iPhone 5 design, it’s made up of Aluminum and  Glass…It’s 7.6mm thick and taller than earlier iPhone family. iPhone 5 weights 112g, which is 20% lighter than iPhone 4S. And as anticipated iPhone 5 screen will accomodate 20 apps (5*4) compared to 16 apps (4*4) for now.  Apple iPhone 5 pre-order starts from 14th September and they will start shipping from September 21st. One of the fastest rollout of Apple product after announcement. On September 28th, iPhone will start shipping to many more countries include Hungry, Ireland, Spain, Sweden and many more. We will update you about the same in next post.

iPhone 5 will also use the Nano sim and will ditch and not support your Micro-sim, so if you are buying iPhone 5 in 3rd world countries before official launch, make sure you can get hand on Nano sim from your carrier.

Also, now iPhone 4 is free with contract and iPhons 4S will cost $99 with contract. We will update the iPhone 5 price shortly.


What we missed in iPhone 5 is, Wi-fi charging, support for mini USB but I’m sure so far, iPhone 5 and iOS 6 will give us ample amount of reasons to get new iPhone 5. Do let me know what more you expected out of iPhone 5 and are you planning to buy iPhone 5?


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  1. This aint really good news, The battery life of iphone 4s sucks on ios 6, i’m sure it would be the same on iphone 5