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iPhone 4 Tip: How to Hold and Mute calls

iPhone 4 Tip: How to Hold and Mute calls

The iPhone 4 incorporates a lot of new features and it has done away with quite a few too. One such feature is the presence of the hold button during a call with the arrival of the Facetime button. However, you can still place the call on hold. This post will tell you how.

The new iPhone 4 has replaced the hold button (in the previous generation iPhone) with a button for Facetime, a new video calling feature introduced in the device. For those of you who don’t know what that is please read our previous post which says why we had been awaiting the iPhone 4.  Facetime is a new technology which in the presence of good Wi-Fi connectivity and another device which has Facetime (that is an iPhone 4),  allows the user to start a video session during a call.

When questioned about this omission and the inability to put a call on hold, the Apple CEO Steve Jobs reasoned that both hold and mute have the same function and that hold doesn’t do anything more than mute. However a lot of us might choose to disagree slightly over this. The hold and mute feature are both used to block audio, yet the fundamental difference between them is that mute only stops the sound on one end of the call, while the hold function will stop audio from both ends.

The Solution:
iPhone 4 users have to keep the mute key pressed for a few seconds to put the call on hold. Yes, it actually works!

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