iOS 5 Beta 3 & iTunes 10.5 Beta 3 Released [Download]

Apple released the next beta release of iOS 5 a few hours ago, once again bringing along some new features and lots of bug fixes. iOS 5 beta 3 is now available for download to all those who’re enrolled in Apple’s Developer program along with the latest iTunes 10.5 beta 3 to support it.

We are not sure of all the new features that you may find with iOS 5 beta 3, but we will keep you guys updated when things settle down. iOS beta 3 can be downloaded using your developers account or by using the Direct download links given below. iOS 5 beta 3 requires iTunes 10.5 beta 3 to function properly, to restore, backup and sync. You can also download iTunes 10.5 beta 3 from the link provided below.

If you aren’t a registered iOS developer, then it’s probably best if you don’t upgrade to iOS 5 beta 3 right away because we aren’t sure if Apple has fixed that not-so-legit way of activating iOS 5 beta.

You can download iOS 5 beta 3 and iTunes 10.5 beta 3 from Apple’s Developers website.

You could also follow the links below to download iOS 5 beta 3 ipsw files for all supported Apple devices.

Download iOS 5 beta 3

Download iTunes 10.5 beta 3

We will keep you updated about the recent developments and all the features that are new with iOS 5 beta 3. Stay tuned!!

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