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iOS 5 Beta 2 Now Available for Download [Developers][Updated]

iOS 5 Beta 2 Now Available for Download [Developers][Updated]

It was only a few weeks back that the first beta of iOS 5 was released for all the developers to test out the new features. Developers and normal users alike got their hands on the iOS 5 Beta and learned some tricks on how to activate without a developers license. After their release of iOS 5 beta, there were many jailbreakers who came out with some really nice iOS Notification Center Widgets. Apple today released iOS Beta 2 for developers and it is currently available for download from their developers page.

The new build of iOS 5 Beta 22 brings some new features as well, more like features that weren’t available in  the first beta. Wi-Fi Syncing is now possible in this build of iOS 5.

In iOS 5.0 beta 2, wireless syncing is now available for the Mac. It requires iTunes 10.5 beta 2 and OS X 10.6.8 or Lion. You will see an option to enable wireless syncing when you connect your device to iTunes with the USB cable. It is recommended you perform your initial sync with a cable after restoring your device.

To download iOS 5 Beta 2, you’ll need to be enrolled in the iOS Developer program for $99 a year, or you’ll have to wait for someone to upload some direct download links somewhere like it happened with iOS 5 beta. However, if you’re already enrolled in the developer program then you can directly download it from the iOS Developer Program page and begin testing and meddling with iOS 5 beta 2. iTunes 10.5 Beta 2 has also been released to aid the developers with development and testing of this latest build.

Update: You can download all the ipsw or dmg files for iOS 5 beta 2 from over here and iTunes 10.5 beta 2 from here.

Stay tuned, we’ll update you with direct download links if they happen to go live!!

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