IntoNow iOS App can Identify TV Shows you are Watching

Well if you are an iPhone/iPad user then you must be familiar with SoundHound and Shazam, these apps essentially allow users to hold their iDevice near a speaker that is playing music, they will “listen” to that particular music and give you the details regarding the artists and Album.

These apps were an instant success with the users because if you are in your car or some place else listening music and you want to know what’s the song is called or who is the singer then using apps like Shazam and SoundHound  can tell you these facts instantly.So what the developers did is they took this particular idea and applied it to the TV content, that is now using an app called as IntoNow you can get the information about the TV contents.


IntoNow is a very impressive and feature rich iOS app that listen to TV shows that you are watching and tells you the exact details associated with that show, that is episode number and name of the show. So the question is that How does it works?

How Does IntoNow works?

IntoNow FAQ’s page contains the description about the App, here is an excerpt from that:

“IntoNow is a consumer tech company that aims to enhance the way people engage with each other around the shows they love. Based on the SoundPrint platform, IntoNow gives users the ability to almost instantly recognize TV content and then helps them share and discuss those shows with friends, both within the product and through other social streams such as Facebook and Twitter.”

IntoNow is based on SoundPrint engine, it simply analyzes the audio being generated from the TV in 3 second increments and segments. This particular Audio stream is converted into data fingerprint of various kind, which is a very unique ID that is subsequently matched with IntoNow’s resident database for the exact information retrieval.


In plain-terms, IntoNow is a free app which will definitely act as a game changer in the iDevices application world. It is a fun filled app that allows you to engage with TV shows seamlessly, by just tapping on the Green Button IntoNow will identify the episode of the TV show you are watching plus it will also allow you to share the info on your social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Download IntoNow app for free.


IntoNow is available for all iOS devices and simply requires WiFi or 3G access. The app works fine with all those cable or satellite service providers that are indexed within the IntoNow database.

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