Instant Pie Chart : Create Pie Charts in a Jiffy

Instant Pie Chart is a useful website which you can use to create beautiful pie charts in a jiffy. It is your free shortcut to professional, accurate, color-coded pie charts for home or business needs. This site lets you make pie charts in a matter of seconds and easily include them in your project or web site. Pie charts are useful for some projects and you might use them is a lot of ways. To show stats, scores, points, etc.

Well, if you are thinking how to use it, then I will just tell you that.

1. Go to Instant Pie Chart.
2. Fill out the form.

3. Click on “Draw Chart”.
Thats it!!! That is all what it takes to create a simple little pie chart. You wanna see an example. Here we go :-

This is one of the most useful sites I have seen. Amazing and elegant work. Totally superb. I loved it. You would too. Do visit it.


So, what do you think of the site? Would you use it? Do comment.

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