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New Facebook Scam: In Memory of Steve Jobs…

New Facebook Scam: In Memory of Steve Jobs…

The sad demise of co-founder and former Chief Executive Officer of Apple spread sadness and discontent in the whole world. But it gave the Facebook Spammers just another chance to hit Facebook users with a new scam. The new scam is a wall post which says(in the headline): In Memory of Steve Jobs, Apple has decided to giveaway 1000 Limited Edition iPad 2′s.

It is obvious that many people would want an iPad and there are some innocent people who would click that link. Even though this scam doesn’t gives you any virus, but you lose some of your personal data which you wouldn’t have wanted to lose.

It starts with this wall post:

When you click the link, a new web page opens. Here it is:

When you share(actually, promoting the scam) and enter that comment, you will be taken to another page:

After this, you are asked to complete a few surveys. The surveys earn those spammers money and for you, they are a waste of your crucial time. Now, you also lose your email and cell number so you can be spammed at your mail and mobile as well by those spammers. I have written this post so that you can know about the rising scams of Facebook and don’t fall in that.

Whenever you see such a wall post, click the “x” icon and remove it from your wall. Try to spread the news that this is a fake and no one should try to click on this link. Post in the groups which consist of your dearest friend and save them from this fraud. Hopefully, the scam would be deleted very soon by the Facebook moderators but till that time comes, you will have to be an alert person and avoid yourself and your friends from clicking these type of links.

Photos Credit: FaceCrooks

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