Improve Your YouTube search Results with 2 Useful FireFox Addons

YouTube is indeed a resourceful outlet that has something in-box for everyone, but if you don’t know that how to search effectively on YouTube then its essence is overshadowed. Whether you want to discover music, want to search for something for your assignment or just want to have some fun then YouTube is the ultimate destination.

The default YouTube search results are quite terrible, it doesn’t offer you preview capability and you have to scroll up and down to shortlist the videos that might help you. So recently I was searching for some addons for my browser that will eventually help me in improving the search results and I was amazed to find some really useful stuff. Here are some of the Firefox addons that will help you improve the search results on YouTube:


GridTube firefox addon

A very useful and innovative addon for Firefox that will display your search results on YouTube in a form of a grid aligned as a 2D array. This means that you won’t have to do an extensive scrolling to see all of the search results. GridTube will eventually let you skim through the search results more effectively. This particular extension adds up three icons on the right side of browser’s main interface, selecting any of these buttons will display search results with any of the appropriate interface.


YouPop FIrefox extension

The other useful and off-the-grid addon for Firefox that will tune-up your YouTube search results is YouPop. This particular addon allow users to watch any of the YouTube video by just a mouse-over, best part is that you can do this mouse-over thing on any of the YouTube video whether its on YouTube homepage or not. The video pop-up can be dragged anywhere on the screen and it can be resized as well.

Do check out these Firefox addon and Do let us know in comments that whether they were useful or not.

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