IM+ to Launch a Video Chat App for iPhone

IM+ to Launch a Video Chat App for iPhone

When it comes to instant messaging on the go, there are quite a few applications for iPhone that really do what they say. One among them is the IM+ app, which is quite popular and has about 13 million registered users. SHAPE Services, the developer, recently settled a deal with CrispApp, the developer of fone app and has agreed to take over it. Hence, SHAPE is now confident that they will use the technology from fone App and soon launch a video chat application, IM+ Video App, possibly in the next 10 days.

IM+ Video is going to be one of those FaceTime alternatives, but for Facebook users only, who can now video chat with their Facebook contacts using this app. It’s actually going to be the fone app that is going to do all the hard work and utilize the video chat technology created by them. We are not sure if there is going to be any group video chat coming to IM+ Video, making things even better. This application will let you chat between mobile and mobile users and also from mobile to desktop and vice versa. All this from Techcrunch’s interview with SHAPE Services CEO Igor Berezovsky. So, here’s IM+ Video, another iPhone video chat application that could become the next big thing, unless Fring gets there first.

Fring also launched their Group Video app for iPhone and even the iPad, the advantage being cross-platform, the disadvantage being Fring users only. However, if Facebook comes out with Facebook video chat or a video chat application for desktop or mobile, then that could very well hinder IM+ Video Apps growth.

It’s not like the company is going to go under loss, but I doubt if people will use the IM+ Video app as much as IM+. IM+ Video app will also be using the Skype video calling API, but will not be actually tied to Skype. It’s also possible that SHAPE is planning to launch this in the coming week because of that Facebook special event. Maybe SHAPE wants to be the first one to provide video call for Facebook users on mobile phones, that is if Facebook doesn’t integrate it onto their mobile app soon enough.

What video chatting app are you currently using on your iPhone or iPad?

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