HTC Omega/Radar Leaked: Specifications and Features

HTC Omega/Radar Leaked: Specifications and Features

So, another leak has hit the HTC world. This time a phone has been leaked just before days when it’s actually announced(according to reports). HTC Omega, also known as HTC Radar, has been reported to launch on 1st September 2011 in their press conference along with one other phone about which we don’t know yet. This phone was first leaked on PocketNow.com and then just like all times, spread over the internet. A picture and many specifications have been revealed in this leak. HTC Omega is the first ever Windows Phone “Mango” device. This, may be the 5th or 6th leak of August surrounding HTC… they should take some measures soon. For now, read on for the specs.

  • It will have a 3.8 inch SLCD display or a 4.5 inch display.(Unconfirmed)
  • HTC Omega will have a 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 SoC processor.
  • A front-facing camera would be available(megapixles not revealed) with an 8 megapixels rear-camera.
  • It would have a 512 MB RAM.

Sadly, just that much. No more specifications were revealed. There are some reports that HTC Omega is actually a code name for HTC Radar but who knows until the dust clears on 1st September 2011, hopefully. Seeing the specifications that have leaked, this phone is definitely great but really, we cannot decide that on the basis of four specifications. We may need more and hopefully, the next set of specifications would come directly from HTC and not from any site.

The specifications given and maybe the design as well is subject to change so you shouldn’t totally rely on the specs given in the post. So, the specs are out, the photo is out, let’s wait till the phone is out.

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[Image Credit] – Pocketnow

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