How to Use Google Music Outside United States

Google made the beta version of its music service on the cloud, Google Music, just a few days ago. However, it was only made live for the people living in the United States, and we know how dearly you want to upload all your favorite music to the cloud and listen to it on your Android device.

Google Music Outside United states

If you’re not in the U.S and want to use Google Music, then here’s a simple workaround that will let you do the same. But, you won’t be able to purchase any music as of now, until the service officially goes live around the world. You can, however, upload all your music on your PC to the cloud, a maximum of 20,000 songs. The working of this method is really simple. It just fools Google in to believing that you’re on a U.S IP address, thus letting you bypass the IP address detection and the annoying ‘ This service is not available in your country’ message.

How to Use Google Music Outside U.S

Here’s an easy tutorial on how to use Google Music outside United States. To do this, we’ll be using the Tor, a proxy software. Also, you’ll need to have some time to edit a file and play around with the tool. You’ll also require the Google Music app on your Android device, which you can get by looking for it on Google. Download Tor Browser Bundle for your operating system from here.

  • Start Tor and you will see the Vidalia control panel. Wait for it to get connected and the select ‘View the Network’.
  • A new dialog box will open up. Look for a U.S flag on the left hand side and right click on it. Select copy and click on Fingerprint. That U.S flag thingy is called a Node.
  • Now, close the Network Map and go back to the Vidalia control panel and click on Settings. Head over to the Advanced tab and look for ‘Edit torrc file’ on the page. Select it and a text editor should open.
  • You need to add two lines and paste the copied Node to this page. Add the lines, ExitNodes “your copied node” and StrictExitNodes 1. It should look like this.
  • Apply and Save and restart Tor and wait for it’s browser to open up. Now go to and see if you can login. If it works, then close the Tor browser and use any of your favorite browser to set up Google Music. You’ll also have to download a desktop client for Google Music, which will be available to you once you Sign up or Login.
That’s it. You can now use Google Music outside United States. But, again, you will only be able to enjoy your uploaded music on your Android device, you can’t purchase anything. So, try this out and let us know if it works for you. It has been confirmed that using this method, Google Music works in India as well.

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