How-to Upload Photos to Google+ Using iPhone

How-to Upload Photos to Google+ Using iPhone

It’s been quite some time since Google launched it’s social networking service, Google+. To support it on mobile phones, they also released the Google+ mobile app, but only for Android devices. We already told you how you can use the Google+ app from anywhere in the world, from places where the mobile app is not available at the moment.

If you’re an iOS user and are feeling low because there is no Google+ app for you guys, even though the app has already been submitted to the App Store. If you can’t wait any longer and want to use your iPhone’s camera to upload some nice photos to Google+, then here’s a how-to on getting that done using an app called Piconhand. We know that Google+ relies on Picasa for adding of photos, hence we’ll be using the free Piconhand to upload photos to Google+ using an iOS device.

Follow the steps below to learn how-to upload photos to Google+ using your iPhone:

  • Download and install this free app Piconhand.
  • Now Sign in to this app using your Google Id and Password, the one which is connected to Picasa.
  • After Signing in you’ll see your photos and albums.

  • Now create a new album, and name it whatever you like. I named it Friends, hence this album will be automatically shared with my Friends circle when I upload it on Google+. Thus, you can name it after a Circle to share it with that certain one, otherwise name it anything random.

  • After creating the album, add photos using your iPhone photos or take some new ones. Now it’s time to Upload the album. Select the Upload option, the photos and then hit start.

  • Once the upload is completed, you’ll be able to see these photos on your Google+ page. You can also select who to share it with by choosing the Circles, if you did not name the album after a circle.

That’s it, easy and simple way to upload photos to Google+ using your iPhone, if you’re not patient enough to wait for the app. Try it out and let us know if you succeeded, because my app crashed every time I uploaded something, probably because of iOS 5 beta version.

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