How to Sync Bookmarks and Tabs Across All Your Devices with Firefox 4

How to Sync Bookmarks and Tabs Across All Your Devices with Firefox 4

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Firefox Sync is one of the best, most powerful new features of Firefox 4. The Sync function allows you to sync browser data like bookmarks, preferences, history and tabs across different installations of Firefox. While integrated into Firefox 4, Sync is actually a separate function you will need to sign up for. The process is free, easy and well worth the few minutes it takes to set up.

Step 1 – Install The Desktop Program

You will need one version of Firefox 4 on your computer to be your primary browser. If you haven’t already done so, go to Mozilla’s website and install Firefox 4. The installation will automatically transfer all of your bookmarks and add-ons from your older version of Firefox to Firefox 4. Once the new version is installed on your computer you will need to set up a Sync Account.

Step 2 – Set up your Sync account

Setting up a Sync account is actually very easy. In the drop down menu under the Firefox button you will see an option for “Set Up Sync.” Select that and you will then be taken through a number of pages where you will be asked to provide an email and a password and to fill out a recaptcha. Once your Sync account is set up the wizard will give you an automated Sync Key. You probably won’t ever need this unless you have to reinstall Firefox 4 and your settings are lost, but go ahead and save it just in case. The key saves as an html file.

Step 3 – Add Remote Devices

After you have your sync account set up all you have to do is connect other devices. This can include smart phones running either the Firefox Mobile of Firefox Home apps. On your remote device open your Firefox app and access the sync options in the preferences menu. The Firefox app will generate a 12 digit code. Once you have the code, return to your desktop Firefox and go to your options menu. Under the sync tab select add new device. Enter the 12 digit code from your phone and hit enter. Your remote device is now synced.

Step 4 – Access your information

You can now access your open tabs, bookmarks and even browser history remotely from your synced device. Now every time you load the Firefox app, it will automatically sync with the tabs and bookmarks on your desktop browser.

Step 5- Syncing Multiple Desktop Browsers

If you use a separate work computer and home computer you can sync those two. Decide which will be your primary browser and log into that one. On the secondary computer go to set up a sync account and select, “already a sync user.” Then just add your username and password and your new browser should be synced with the first one.

Do let us know if you are using Firefox sync feature on Firefox 4? What all featured did you like the most in Firefox 4?

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