How to Remove iPhone 4 Sim Card [Video]

People who are use to iPhone 3G are familiar with how to remove SIM card from iPhone by putting pin in the upper part of Sim tray but if you are planning to but an iPhone 4 you might get confuse to find Sim tray. More over iPhone 4 uses Micro Sim card instead of normal Sim card and you need to use Sim card cutter to cut Sim for your iPhone.

Here I’m sharing a useful video which I found on YouTube which will teach you how to remove iPhone 4 Sim and how to insert iPhone 4 Sim.

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3 thoughts on “How to Remove iPhone 4 Sim Card [Video]

  1. Sharninder - Geeky Ninja says:

    Do you own an iPhone 4 Harsh ? How did you get a micro SIM in India ?

  2. yes he does. you can use a sim cutter in india. its simpler than you could imagine. i used scissors and it worked just fine at the first attempt itself.

  3. Hey,
    I want to buy a iPhone 4. I stay in Mumbai, and I was wondering if you recommend buying from a Customs shop? I need it to be factory unlocked, and don’t want to use a jail-broken one..What do I do?

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