How to Play PS2 Games Using USB Hard Disk or Pen Drive

Here I am talking about a great PS2 hack and this enables loading or playing a games via a USB hard drive.

Requirements to run PS2 games through a USB Hard Disk

You need following things to do this;

  1. Power Defragmenter[link]
  2. USBUtil [link]
  3. elf to bin [link]
  4. USB advanced PS2 software [link]

Different Steps to complete the operation

  • Format your USB hard drive using fat32 mode
  • Now use USButil and with the help of it install desired PS2 game ( either from a DVD or from an image) to the USB Hard disk


  • Then defragment your hard disk with the help of Power Defragmenter


  • Use elf to bin and create the image of USB advanced elf file

elf to bin

  • Now you have to burn this image to a CD using Nero or any other image burning software at 4X burning speed
  • Boot this CD via PS2 CDROM and connect your USB hard disk or pen drive to PlayStation

Done! Now you can play any game which is loaded in your USB hard disk or USB flash drive or pen drive

Now do let me know if you have any problem in performing this task.

37 thoughts on “How to Play PS2 Games Using USB Hard Disk or Pen Drive

  1. i followed the steps you told ……PS2 read the cd of the image but couldn’t read the pendrive with the game…………
    pleaseeeeeeee helppppppppp

  2. Have you format your pen drive using FAT32 mode?
    Let me know please.

  3. i understood my problem……..i wasnt burning the cd at 4x but my nero or any friend’s software doesn’t support burning cd at 4x……….do u know any particular software for burning cd at 4x…….please let me know…..

  4. Gagan you can use Nero to burn CD at specific speed.

  5. i tried that too,but the minimum speed my burner gives is 16x………..what should i do?

  6. See here how to burn at 4x using Nero

  7. i even burnt the cd at 4x………now it states the disc couldn’t be read………what should i do now?

  8. i burnt the cd at 4x…… it states the disc couldn’t be read ……….what should i do now???

  9. Hi shariq@callingallgeeks,
    Thanks for the tutorial. Btw the link for USBUtil is down. Please provide another link.

  10. Gagandeep.
    Possibly your USB stick does not support PS2.
    I am using this method to run PS2 games via USB hard disk and pen drive both successfully.

  11. hi, thanks for the tutorial, is this work for any PS2 games? thanks ^_^

  12. i did’nt understand elf to bin step and its continuation step please help me, thanks in advance.

  13. and also where created image in elf to bin is placed

  14. hi tanks 4 d lesson is there any way to reduce d capacity of d game its self without it affecting d game

  15. does it work on fat ps2?

  16. It works only with PS1.

  17. Huzaif asim says:

    Hi! tried it with Smackdown pain but does not work

  18. hi, shariq i follow the all step but i don’t understand on elf step how to do that step and when i click on elf to create iso then what should i do. plz can u tell me. thanks

  19. Hi Jais,
    You have to convert elf file to ISO using elf to bin.
    If you are still unable to understand then I will update a live video regarding this tutorial very soon.

  20. Hi Shariq,

    Can i use Alcohol instead USButil to copy the game?

  21. What is elf file and which file want to be put? Icant understand that particular step.Please reply me clearly…..Thanks in advance

  22. You should use USButil. I cant say exactly about Alcohal.

  23. hi,my frd ps2 use ps2 memory card n usb instead of cd ,pls am confuse kindly help me out

  24. Adama Doumbia says:

    Hi, my dear I am using the ELF TO BIN / CUE MAKER to create the ISO of the USBAVN ELF but the file is not appearing any where is there a proper way of using it plz help Thanks

  25. i burnt the cd at 4x.
    Ps2 states INSERT PS2 FORMAT DISK!!

  26. luranworld says:

    tnx for ur info, but one step that i confused about after I using the ELF-Bin cue maker.. does this 3 files (IMAGE.BIN, IMAGE.CUE, IMAGE.toc) should I burn to cd?

  27. Will i still be able to use my usb drive for other purposes also? Or just for this and nothing else at the same time?

  28. The links for the USB advanced PS2 software and Elf to Bin are no longer working. Can you please update the links for those. I would really love to try this project on my PS2

  29. iam unable to get elf to bin converter how should i do that?

  30. can burn the elf to bin files to a dvd???

  31. PS2 CDROM not working…what can i do to play games on it
    please help

  32. i copied a game from a friend USB drive to my desktop, i tried copying it back to my own flash drive using usbutil, it will show on my ps2 that the game is loaded but cant load to the game it self where i can play it or is there something i am not doing right? what can i do please?

  33. Where is the ELF file?

  34. is defragment necessary???? Shariq

  35. how can i convert a torrent game file to work on my converted playstaion 2(only works with flashdrive)

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