How to Order Free iPhone 4 Bumper Case from Apple

How to Order Free iPhone 4 Bumper Case from Apple

A lot of our readers have recently purchased factory unlocked iPhone 4 from various sources, but they are not all aware that they are eligible for a free case from Apple. This post will show you how to order the free case from Apple. Valid only until 30th September, 2010 so hurry!

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Most of you already aware of the whole Antennagate issue. If not, you can check the articles listed above. So if you did purchase an iPhone 4 before 30th September, 2010 here’s how to order a free iPhone 4 case.

Firstly, download the Case Program app from the App Store here. After the installation launch the application and click on the Get Started button. You will then be requested to provide your iTunes account password.

The next screen will show you a list of 10 cases to choose from. The cases include the official Apple bumper and some other cases from popular manufacturers like Incase, Belkin, Griffin and Speck. The availability of the respective stocks are shown alongside in terms of how many weeks it will take to become available.

We will post a review of each case pretty soon along with their pics so that you can decide which case to go for. Once you click on any case you will be able to see detailed images of the respective case.

Once you have decided which case to go for click on select and you will be asked to provide shipping info. Please note that Apple currently allows you to ship the cases to only select countries. India is not one of them sadly since iPhone 4 hasn’t been officially launched here.

Some iPhone 4 owners posed the question that was it necessary to ship it to the same country from where iPhone 4 was purchased. Well, the answer is no. No matter where your iPhone 4 came from, you are eligible for one case per device. You can ship the case to any country out of the given options.

Here’s the list of countries you can ship cases to.

Provide the shipping address and click on Place order. I shipped the Speck case I selected, to my Singapore address. You will be led to a Thank You screen showing the completion of the order process. The time before shipping will be shown(3 weeks in my case) and you will also receive an intimation on the email address you provided.

You may delete the Case program application now, as its purpose is over now. You can only use it once. The app will show you order complete screen if you launch it again.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave us a comment. Do let us know which is your favorite case and which one did you order for yourself. A review of all cases is coming soon.

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  • order form

    September 26, 2010, 11:49 pm

    I’ve ordered iphone bumper 2 week ago. But I’ve not received it. Can you tell me how long the iphone bumper delivery to customer.

  • Rajat

    September 27, 2010, 2:25 am

    depends on the case you selected. apple should have given you a tentative shipping date as to when the case will become available.

    for example, i was told it will ship in first week of october but it already shipped by 20th sept.

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